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One Piece Theory: The Last Road Poneglyph Has Not Been Found, It Is Suspected That The Following Figure Is Hidden

There is still one Road Poneglyph that has not been found in One Piece.

This raises the question of the figure hiding or moving it.

It is known that One Piece has featured four Road Poneglyphs. Each of these Road Poneglyps reveals its coordinates.

Putting these Road Poneglyphs together, will reveal the location of Laugh Tale, the island that is said to hold the treasure of One Piece.

The location of each Road Poneglyph is found by Gol. D. Roger and his crew over 20 years ago, but now one seems to be missing.

As reported by CBR's in Oden's flashback, Roger has found some Road Poneglyphs quite easily.

Of the ones Big Mom had, Minks and Oden were on Zou and Wano, and the others were found on Fish-Man Island.

Then the Straw Hat pirates have now visited all of those locations. However, the location on Fish-Man Island seems to have mysteriously disappeared since the Roger pirates arrived.

The first possibility is the figure of Whitebeard. Where after Roger's death, Edward Newgate became the protector of Fish-Man Island.

He claimed the island as his territory to prevent pirate attacks.

It was possible that he moved the red rock, and knew the pirate group would turn the Island into a battlefield looking for him.

Whitebeard, however, isn't the only person in One Piece who can hide the Road Poneglyph.

Knowing the true history of the world and that Joy Boy will be arriving in the near future, it is possible that one of them is Roger's pirates who transported him.

Maybe because there is a desire to keep other pirates or even the World Government away from him, considering that access is quite easy on Fish-Man Island.

If they were the ones hiding it, there were several possible locations for this Road Poneglyph to be.

Including Lodestar Island, the last island before Laugh Tale.

That became one of his choices, considering Roger was most likely the first person to reach the location in years in One Piece.

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