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Tokyo Revengers: Hanma Returns, Confirms Second Time Leaper?

Tokyo Revengers: Hanma Returns, Confirms Second Time Leaper?

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main character in the story in the Tokyo Revengers series. 

He is a character who has a unique ability, namely going to the past, aka time leap. 

However, are there other characters who might have the same power as Takemichi to go to the past or travel through time?

In the story, Takemichi's ability to be able to go to the past does not just appear. 

Takemichi needs someone who will be the trigger to be able to go to the past. 

In addition, he also needs a very important mission so that he can then go to the past. 

An example is what happened in the early story of the series.

However, some fans argue that there is another character who might also be a time jumper which is supported by the clues in the story. 

The character in question is Hanma Tsuji. 

Why then is Hanma considered a person who is able to return to the past? The theory emerged after seeing what happened in this chapter 251.

Tokyo Revengers: Hanma Returns, Confirms Second Time Leaper?

This chapter shows how Mikey sees the battle situation that has begun to change. 

Kantou Manji Gang, which incidentally won in terms of number of members, actually had to lose to Tokyo Manji, which had far fewer members. 

Mikey himself doesn't really want to be involved in the fight, and he prefers to leave everything to someone he trusts.

The figure turned out to be none other than Hanma Tsuji. 

Hanma then said something quite interesting in which he called some of Toman's members – such as Chifuyu, Matsuya, Sendou, and several others – as “those who survived the death”.

At first glance, there might not be anything strange about what Hanma said.

You might also think that the greeting was meant for those who survived the fight. 

However, there is a theory that is quite interesting. 

One fan with the account name @Hachiimitsuuu on his Twitter account said that it was possible that what Hanma meant was not those who survived this fight.

Tokyo Revengers: Hanma Returns, Confirms Second Time Leaper?

What Hanma meant was that they were people who had survived their fate of death in another timeline. 

As we all know, Takemichi went back in time to save Hana. 

However, he also turned out to be successful in saving his other friends from his fate of death. 

There are several clues that support this.

For example, the tattoos on Hanma's arms are known to read "reaper", "Sin", and "punishment".

Hanma is also believed to be moving behind the scenes where he takes advantage of other people to carry out his plans. 

An example is that he was thought to have controlled Choji from Kisaki's group to come to the playground where Takemichi and Senju were. 

He was the one with the gun and tried to shoot Takemichi. 

However, what happened was the Draken who was killed.

The theorist also mentions that Hanma is actually not a special person. 

So, it is certain that there is a special reason why Mikey then believes in Hanma to control the current situation of the fight with Toman. 

Also, there must be a reason why Hanma was then well received in Kantou Manji's group.

Tokyo Revengers: Hanma Returns, Confirms Second Time Leaper?

If you look back, Hanma is the person involved and responsible for the death of her sister, Emma Sano. 

Has Mikey forgotten about it? 

His own speculation suggests that Mikey may know about Hanma's ability to be able to jump through time. 

Mikey is also aware that he is the trigger to be able to go to the past.

That is, Mikey realized that he could not "finish" Hanma with his own hands. 

There needs to be someone else's help to be able to finish off Hanma's figure, which is why he then ordered Hanma to control the situation. 

Mikey probably hoped that someone from Toman would be able to defeat Hanma.

In addition, based on this it means that Mikey will not be shown shaking hands with Takemichi in the near future because Mikey knows Hanma is still alive and is a big threat. 

Why then did Mikey do it all?

Mikey may want to bear it all alone without the need to involve the rest of his friends. 

Mikey is also believed to want to present the same storyline or according to what happened in the original timeline. 

We'll just have to wait and see what will happen to Hanma and Mikey in the next chapter.

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