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One Piece 1082: Revealed the Trigger that caused Garp and Aokiji to Fight

The battle between Aokiji and Garp finally happened in the latest storyline of One Piece. What was the trigger that caused it? 

After a week-long hiatus, the One Piece manga returned with a new chapter this week. In the previous chapter, we were shown how SWORD members finally appeared on Beehive Island.

They tried to rescue Koby, who was kidnapped by the Blackbeard group. However, what was more interesting was at the end of the chapter, we saw the might of Monkey D. Garp's power. 

Speaking of Garp, in chapter 1081, it was revealed that he fought against Aokiji. What was the trigger for the two characters to fight?

The Fight between Student and Mentor

The fight between Aokiji alias Kuzan against Monkey D. Garp became one of the interesting fights in the Egghead Island arc. Why? This is because of the relationship between the two characters. It is known that Aokiji was the "first student" of Monkey D. Garp, before Koby or Helmeppo. This fact was revealed in one of the previous chapters.

When Aokiji was still a young navy officer, he always admired Garp. 

Even Aokiji considered Garp as his idol and mentor. This even made fans speculate that all the behaviors, levels, attitudes, and understanding that Aokiji held followed Garp. 

He did not follow absolute justice or anything related to the World Government. This was also shown by Aokiji, who actually had different principles from the other navy officers. 

He prioritized morality rather than things that many people considered justice. 

What is also interesting is that the fight between student and mentor was actually predicted by fans beforehand, when it was revealed that Koby was kidnapped by Blackbeard in chapter 1059.

Fans believed that in the moment of rescuing Koby later, the fight between the student and mentor, Aokiji and Garp, would inevitably happen. 

And then, in chapter 1081 of the One Piece manga, this speculation finally came true. From the information presented in the chapter, Aokiji was unable to face his mentor, whose level of power was too powerful.

Trigger for Garp and Aokiji's Fight

What was the trigger for the fight between Garp and Aokiji? 

Although perhaps neither Garp nor Aokiji wanted the fight between them to happen, inevitably it occurred in chapter 1081. 

There are several possibilities that became the trigger for the fight between Garp and Aokiji. 

The first is evidence of Aokiji's loyalty to the Blackbeard group.

As we already know, Aokiji is a former navy admiral who decided to leave and join the Blackbeard pirate group. 

This happened after Aokiji lost in a fight against Akainu at Punk Hazard. However, because Aokiji is a former navy admiral, the Blackbeard group itself is still not fully trusted him.

In the Dressrosa arc, this was presented by Burgess. So far, there have not been many things that prove Aokiji's loyalty to Blackbeard.

However, one thing he has done is to kidnap Pudding. Fighting against his own mentor may be another way for the Blackbeard group to see and test Aokiji's loyalty to them. 

On the other hand, regardless of Garp being his former mentor, Aokiji had no choice but to fight him. 

It is possible that Aokiji did not actually want to fight against Garp, but he had to do it to show his loyalty. 

On the other hand, apart from Garp, his former mentor, Aokiji has no other choice but to fight against his mentor. 

It's not impossible that Aokiji didn't actually fight Garp, but he had to do it to show that loyalty

The next trigger is that Aokiji is no longer in the navy so he can freely do anything

With his current status as a pirate, it means he is the target of the navy to be caught and even killed. On the other hand, he is also free to do anything, including fighting against the navy. 

The last possibility that triggers this battle is as a form of diversion. 

What does it mean? Aokiji actually tried to save Koby by fighting Garp.

He deliberately gave Koby – and SWORD – time or space to escape from Beehive Island. 

Aokiji deliberately diverted all the attention of people, including Blackbeard's crew, to his fight with Garp. That way, they have a chance to leave. 

Aokiji may have realized who Koby and Garp were, and so decided to help in his own way.

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