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One Piece 1046 Spoiler: Super Crazy! Luffy Can Now Control Lightning Like God Enel

One Piece 1046 Spoiler: Super Crazy! Luffy Can Now Control Lightning Like God Enel

In One Piece 1046 various interesting things happened again, one of which is Luffy who is currently able to control lightning.

The title of One Piece 1046 is, "Raizo" which indicates that this character will get quite a lot of attention.

But apart from Raizo, there are also various other interesting things that will be displayed.

The story of One Piece 1046 will begin by showing Luffy's battle against Kaido which is not over yet.

Luffy uses a variety of unique and powerful techniques, but the Yonkou still hasn't lost.

Even though it had reached the Awakening stage and entered Gear 5th mode, the strongest being couldn't be defeated easily due to its extraordinary endurance.

Then the focus of the story will shift to other characters including Raizo.

As is known thanks to Raizo's Paramecia devil fruit power, he can create and control ninja scrolls at will.

The scroll can be used to store other objects and bring them back.

One proof of the use of this ability was shown when the Akazaya were fighting Kaido.

At that time Raizo absorbed Kaido's Boro Breath into the scroll and released it again to burn the Yonkou's body.

It turned out that while on Zou Island, Raizo had stored a lot of water used by Zunisha when bathing into his scroll.

The reason he did this was because 20 years ago, Raizo had seen Oden's castle on fire and that experience was used as a lesson.

That's all he did as a preparation if one day there was a severe fire again, he could use the water to extinguish the fire.

Considering that Onigashima Castle was currently on fire and put many people in danger, he immediately took out the water he had stored.

The water also flowed and flooded the entire castle, but releasing water randomly like that was not very effective at extinguishing the fire.

Therefore Jinbe also helped Raizo, he flowed the water like a regular ocean current to extinguish the fire throughout the castle.

It turns out that this is the big plan that Raizo said a few chapters ago.

Thanks to the clever cooperation of the two, many people inside Onigashima castle were saved.

After that there are also parts in this chapter that show the situation of Zoro and Sanji.

Zoro is still in an unconscious state and he is being carried by Franky.

It looks like Zoro will soon come to his senses although later he might feel great pain due to his injuries and the side effects of instant healing drugs.

Then it was shown that Sanji was talking about something quite important.

These two people are in different places but it looks like they will soon meet and gather in the same place.

When Zoro realized, he seemed to be about to tell a strange phenomenon in the form of a god of death that appeared in front of him a few chapters ago.

Next, Yamato and Momonosuke are shown talking about the fire cloud.

It's still unclear what the details of their conversation were like, but it seemed their conversation was something very important.

Then on the last page, Luffy's fight against Kaido is shown again.

The Straw Hat captain uses a powerful new technique that allows him to catch lightning.

While doing so Luffy looks like God Enel.

He was about to attack Kaido and the Yonkou excitedly said, "Try it."

Luffy's attack this time will be very powerful, even stronger than all the moves he's ever used.

Although it has been confirmed that Luffy's devil fruit is the Hito Hito no Mi model Nika, his body is still rubber that is immune to electricity.

If you look at Enel's attack which has great destructive power, then Luffy's attack will also have great destructive power.

Although Kaido also has lightning abilities, that doesn't mean his body is immune to lightning.

While the rubber body of the Straw Hats has absolute immunity to lightning.

Then after the previous chapters Luffy was able to use Zoan and Paramecia abilities.

In One Piece 1046, the Straw Hat captain proves that he is also able to use one of Logia's abilities, namely lightning.

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