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One Piece 1048 Spoiiler : Revealed The Reason Why Garp Wanted To Kill Shanks

One of the moments in One Piece 1048 where Garp hated Luffy, was when he found out that his grandson wanted to become a pirate.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1048, the reason is because it is very contrary to Garp who is an important figure in the Navy.

Unfortunately Shanks' arrival to Foosha Village made Garp judged as the mastermind behind Luffy's cause to become a pirate.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1048 regarding the reason Garp really wants to kill Shanks.
It should be noted that what Garp expected of Luffy was actually not without reason.

First we all know that Dragon, Garp's son and Luffy's father, is the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

Plus Dragon is labeled by the World Government as the most dangerous criminal.

This clearly tarnished the name of Garp, a person who was known as a Marine hero.

Furthermore, Gorosei is known to have confirmed the real name of Luffy's devil fruit, namely the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi model NIka.

The power of the devil fruit is said to be the most unreasonable power in the world of One Piece.

This was proven by the increase in strength that Luffy got after reaching Awakening.

In the last three chapters, Luffy really dominated the course of the fight against Yonkou Kaido.

But actually since chapter 1042, Kaido has realized the strangeness of Luffy's devil fruit power.

Seeing these facts, fans then asked if Garp also knew that Luffy's devil fruit was the Hito Hito no Mi model Nika?

To answer this, we must first look at the series of events that occurred approximately 13 years ago.

The World Government is known to have assigned the Who's Who, who was still a CP9 agent at that time, to move Nika's devil fruit somewhere.

Until then this devil fruit was stolen by Shanks and his pirate group.

After that as we also know that Shanks' arrival to Foosha Village was the beginning of Luffy eating the legendary devil fruit.

So it is alleged that the main factor that Garp hates Shanks is not because he is a pirate.

But Garp knows that the legendary devil fruit has been eaten by Luffy and he thinks Shanks is the mastermind behind it all.

Moreover, Garp is known to have an understanding of justice that is not absolute, meaning that justice can change shape depending on who the opponent is on the side of.

In addition, what needs to be underlined here is that in the past Garp was allegedly willing to cooperate with the Roger pirates because the Pirate King had the same understanding of justice as him.

Then the strangest thing was that when Roger was about to be executed, he had asked Garp to leave his son.

At first Garp refused, but in the end he agreed to Roger's request.

Yet it was clear Roger was the one who knew the truth about what the World Government was doing in the Void Century.

This meant that Garp would clearly tolerate someone even if he was a pirate.

However, it is different from the figure of Akagami no Shanks who even though he has never made a mess like the other Yonkou.

Besides that, Garp must know that Shanks is a former member of the Roger pirates, but why is Luffy's grandfather still hostile to him?

The answer is because Garp knows that Shanks has dragged Luffy into a very big problem.

We can prove this when Shanks came to the Battle of Marineford.

Garp's facial expression looked very angry and he clenched his fists which indicated that Luffy's grandfather really wanted to kill Shanks.

Maybe this can also be an answer to why Garp didn't entrust Ace and Luffy to the Marines to be trained or trained.
Garp prefers Dadan's help to take care of Ace and Luffy when he's not in the village.

The goal itself is not to train with Ace, but to protect Luffy from being targeted by the World Government.

Of all these oddities and oddities, maybe this could be one of the reasons why the World Government's efforts to seize Luffy's devil fruit always fail.

Then Shanks' meeting with the Gorosei in chapter 907 is also an indication that a pirate Shanks wants to talk about is Luffy.

Because it was very strange in chapter 1042, the Gorosei suddenly targeted Luffy as the main mission of CP0 who was in Wano Kuni.

So how did Garp actually know that the devil fruit that Luffy ate was actually Nika's Hito Hito no Mi?

Even though as we know that the World Government itself has kept it a secret and changed the name of the devil fruit.

The answer was obvious because Garp who was one of the senior Marines had a lot of experience on the battlefield.
He is also the one who has fought many legendary pirates throughout his life.

Based on this, it is not surprising that Garp later found out that the real facts were about Nika's devil fruit.

Not to mention this Garp is a very influential figure in the Navy and the World Government also respects him quite a bit.

Even the World Government itself once suggested Garp to become a Fleet Admiral, the highest position in the Navy.

The only reason Garp refused to become a Fleet Admiral was because he didn't want to deal and became a direct subordinate of the World Government, especially the Tenryuubito.

Where this can also be an indication that Garp actually knew what the One Piece treasure from Gol D Roger was before being executed.

So it's not impossible, Garp who is fed up with the World Government will defect and destroy them and take Ace's revenge on Akainu.

In addition, if it is true that Shanks is part of the World Government, then this will be Garp's outlet to beat the red-haired Yonkou.

Because Shanks had Garp's grandson involved in all this big trouble.

That's the leak of One Piece 1048 regarding the reason Garp is against Shanks.

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