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One Piece Theory 1047: The Mysterious Treasure Puzzle at Mary Geoise

One Piece Theory 1047: The Mysterious Treasure Puzzle at Mary Geoise

Ahead of the release of One Piece 1047, fans are increasingly curious about the ending of One Piece.

As is known, One Piece is a series that has many big mysteries that appear in the story

One of the biggest mysteries from the beginning until the release of One Piece 1047 which is still a question for fans is what One Piece really is.

In addition to the riddles regarding One Piece, another big mystery that is also still a question is the mysterious treasure that exists in the Mary Geoise area.

Since it was first mentioned in One Piece 761 by Doflamingo, the question of what is Mary Geoise's greatest treasure then has arisen among fans.

One thing to know about the treasure of Mary Geoise is that it will shake the whole world to its roots.

Doflamingo himself used his knowledge of these treasures as a way to blackmail the sky dragons so he could return to being part of them after the Donquixote family had previously decided to leave Mary Geoise.

Then, in One Piece 906 there was speculation that the treasure meant by Luffy was a giant straw hat.

One Piece Theory 1047: The Mysterious Treasure Puzzle at Mary Geoise

In One Piece 906, Im Sama is shown going to a storage room under Pangea Castle where the room seems to be only accessible to a few important figures.

Then, in the room there was a giant straw hat similar to the one Luffy used.

The giant straw hat was stored frozen in the dungeon.

How then the giant straw hat can have such tremendous power in the One Piece series is still a mystery and raises a lot of speculation.

One of the questions is who is the real user or owner of the straw hat.

A popular theory that has developed among fans is that the giant straw hat belongs to Joy Boy.

Based on this theory, it can be assumed that Joy Boy may be part of a giant tribe so it makes sense that his straw hat is very large.

Since there is still no confirmation regarding this, another speculation arose during the release of One Piece 1045 yesterday.

When Luffy almost died, he then came back to his senses and his devil fruit was successfully resurrected.

One Piece Theory 1047: The Mysterious Treasure Puzzle at Mary Geoise

Zunisha also felt that the figure of Joy Boy had reappeared.

Based on what Zunisha said, there is a high possibility that Joy Boy is the previous owner or user of the devil fruit.

If then that was true, then the existence of the giant straw hat in the storage room of Pangea Castle had finally found an explanation.

In One Piece 1045, Luffy is shown using the awakening ability of his devil fruit including his body transformation into a giant thanks to the Gomu-Gomu no Mi technique.

If Joy Boy was indeed a previous user of Nika's devil fruit, then that could explain why his straw hat is so big.

After all, the clothes that Luffy wears also grow to fit his body.

Because of this, it is possible that Joy Boy's straw hat was originally the same size as Luffy's.

However, its size later changed thanks to the devil fruit.

It could be that Joy Boy decided to stay in his giant size so that the size of his straw hat also followed the size of Joy Boy's head.

There is another speculation that Joy Boy and Zunisha are most likely defeated by Im Sama while in his giant mode.

Possibly at that time Im Sama with the Gorosei managed to kill Joy Boy and take his giant straw hat.

Meanwhile, Zunisha is punished by them to walk forever because as we can see it is likely to be immortal and difficult to kill.

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