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One Piece: Is This Kaido's Awakening Form?

One Piece: Is This Kaido's Awakening Form?

Awakening the devil fruit ability is something that cannot be done carelessly. 

However, if it is then successfully done then someone will be able to unlock the greatest potential of the devil fruit they have. 

A clear example of this is Kuzan's Hie Hie no Mi devil fruit as well as Akainu's Magu Magu no Mi.

We see how the fight between the two in Punk Hazard is really very epic. 

The battle that was carried out for 10 days in the end made the Punk Hazard region divided into two parts, the hot zone and the cold zone. 

If it wasn't for their devil fruit awakening, it seems impossible that this would have happened.

Another example is Doflamingo's Ito Ito no Mi devil fruit. 

His devil fruit is capable of confining the entire Dresrossa region with the "birdcage" technique. 

Without Doflamingo successfully awakening his devil fruit, he certainly wouldn't be able to do that. 

Talking about awakening a devil fruit, it is believed that Kaido has also succeeded in resurrecting his devil fruit.

One Piece: Is This Kaido's Awakening Form?Kaido is the main villain of the Wano Country arc who is currently fighting against Luffy.

Kaido has the power of the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu devil fruit, which allows him to transform into a giant dragon. 

This devil fruit is known to be given by Big Mom after her defeat at God Valley.

Indeed, there is still no official confirmation that this Kaido devil fruit has been successfully resurrected. 

However, from the various clues presented in the story, it is likely that Kaido has succeeded in awakening the power of his devil fruit. 

First, we can see from Kaido's hybrid form, especially on his face. 

His face shape is the same as his face shape when he's not using this mode.

Sharp nose shape, “normal” eyebrows, and normal-looking teeth (except for the canines that grow bigger). 

However, in chapter 1037 yesterday, we might be shown for the first time the moment of awakening from the Kaido hybrid form. 

There are several changes that occur that might be noticed from Kaido's body.

One Piece: Is This Kaido's Awakening Form?

His body became bigger and also more muscular. 

Then, his nose that tends to be round, sharp teeth, and eyebrows that start to look like a beast. 

The same thing was shown in chapter 1042, where the form that appeared in chapter 1037 was again shown after Kaido made a devastating attack on Luffy.

When a Zoan type devil fruit is successfully awakened, from what is known so far, when they are in their hybrid form, their form will show the "beast" side of their face and increase their strength or muscle size. 

An example is the Impel Down guards that Luffy had faced.

Also, that explanation fits with what happened to Kaido. 

It was also mentioned in Kid and Law's fight against Big Mom, that using the awakening power of the devil fruit will greatly drain stamina. 

Because of that, Kaido doesn't always use his awakening mode. 

This is because Kaido will be very tired and his energy will be drained.

One Piece: Is This Kaido's Awakening Form?

Kaido might just activate his awakening to add to the devastating attacks he does, like when he used the Conqueror of Three Worlds Ragnarok technique. 

In chapter 544, Crocodile also explained about the awakening of the Zoan devil fruit, where according to him their greatest strength lies in extraordinary endurance and also a fast recovery process.

This is what happened to Kaido, where his endurance proved to be very strong, as well as how he was able to recover quickly from the various wounds he had received since the beginning of the Onigashima battle. 

What do you think about the possibility of awakening from this Kaido devil fruit?

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