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One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Shanks Can Turn To Berserker Mode, Sengoku and Kaido Are Frightened!

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Shanks Can Turn To Berserker Mode, Sengoku and Kaido Are Frightened!

Ahead of the release of One Piece 1047, a surprising fact emerged about the hidden power of the red-haired Yonkou, Shanks.

Based on the instructions that Oda has given until One Piece 1047, Shanks can turn into Berserker Mode.

That's the reason why Sengoku and Kaido were afraid and worried when they saw Shanks' figure.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1047 regarding the secret power of the red-haired Yonkou.

As is known, each Yonkou currently in power has its own characteristics.

Blackbeard is known for the peculiarities of his organs that allow him to gain the power of two or more devil fruits.

Kaido is known as the strongest being in the world, but he is also famous for his "immortality" because he is very difficult to die.

Big Mom is known for her hunger that allows her to devour entire cities.

Then when talking about Shanks, only the power of haki will certainly not be enough to make him a Yonkou.

Moreover, he can become a Yonkou after losing one arm which is the most important body part in a fight.

Although there are those who argue that Shanks has new haki powers that have never been shown or mastered all combinations of haki at the highest level.

But that would be too unreasonable for a Yonkou, since the four Emperors of the Sea were already confirmed to have very strong haki.

Then if Kaido alone is defined as the strongest being in the world, there must be something that can define Shanks as one of the strongest characters in the story.

Moreover, Shanks is known to be able to stop Kaido's steps, who used to want to join the Marineford war.

Besides, Oda couldn't have suddenly given Shanks the most terrifying power of haki just to justify the fact that he didn't have one of his hands.

Therefore Shanks most likely has powers other than haki that allow him to become a Yonkou.

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Shanks Can Turn To Berserker Mode, Sengoku and Kaido Are Frightened!

This power is also the reason why everyone stops when Shanks declares that he will fight anyone who wishes to advance against him in the war.

Shanks once said this in the Marineford war.

That indicates that Shanks has a hidden power that makes Admirals even Fleet Admiral classmates like Sengoku scared and worried.

Surely there are some clues that can explain Shanks' uniqueness that once he shows his true strength, nothing will be able to stop him.

If we go further into the origins and real-world references of Shanks' character.

The red-haired Yonkou is known to be inspired by Viking and Nordic culture. That's what made him connect with Elbaf.

So what are the main characteristics of the powers described by the VIkings and what are their unique abilities?

They are known to have a rampage mode or can be called Berserker Mode.

The most plausible explanation for this Berserker Mode comes from the field of psychiatry.

It is explained that a group of warriors who go through a ritual process performed before a battle (such as biting the edge of their shield) will go into a hypnotic trance.

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Shanks Can Turn To Berserker Mode, Sengoku and Kaido Are Frightened!

Or if connected to the world of One Piece, with strong devotion, Shanks can release all their inner anger or all their passion and enter rampage mode.

By entering this mode, all of Shanks' ability to destroy everything in his path increases drastically.

But to use this power, he had to pay a heavy price, namely he had to abandon his sanity and logic because his mental capacity would be reduced.

This fact would explain why Oda never showed Shanks fighting seriously.

It would also explain why Marineford's war stopped immediately when he was there.

Because if Shanks ever gets into Berserker Mode or if someone hurts his friends and family, he's unstoppable and people know about it.

You could say this is similar to Big Mom's rage, but Shanks' Berserker Mode is on a much higher level.

It was this Berserker Mode that made his ultimate power overflow to an incomparable level.

Even in the manga it has been mentioned that Shanks can become a demon when someone hurts his friends, relatives, or family.

This may be the reason why Oda mentions the word "demon" because Shanks can transform into Berserker Mode.

His terrifying strength would answer why Kaido judged Shanks as one of the few individuals who could match him.

This fact about Shanks' Berserker Mode will certainly be revealed when One Piece 1047 is released.

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