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Boruto : Who is Konohamaru's potential partner? Hanabi or Moegi?

One thing that is also interesting in the Naruto to Boruto series apart from fighting is the love story.

Back in the Naruto series, fans were made baper by the love triangle between Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke.

In the end, Sakura and Sasuke were matched, while Naruto chose Hinata who had admired him since childhood.

So what about the love story in the Boruto series? So far it has not been highlighted. But fans are guessing who will match each other.
One of them is the Konohamaru character who is betrothed to two women, Hanabi or Moegi.

In the 50th episode of the anime, Konohamaru and Hanabi are depicted talking to each other about their students. There was also Moegi, his friend since childhood.

Is Hanabi or Moegi more compatible with Konohamaru?

1. Moegi is definitely more appropriate if you judge it from the point of view of familiarity. They have been friends since childhood.

Compared to Hanabi, Moegi is clearly superior in terms of familiarity with Konohamaru. 

She had been with Konohamaru since they were little.

Then it seems that together they went up the ranks from being a chunin to now a jonin leading the genin.

Konohamaru seems to know what Moegi is like. On the other hand, Moegi also seems to know very well what Konohamaru is like.

2. Similarities between Konohamaru and Naruto from Hanabi's side


It's quite interesting. Hanabi most likely spoiled Boruto because she admired Naruto, just like Hinata. (Remember, Hanabi has seen how Naruto affects Hinata since the chunin exams).

Boruto is now similar in character and appearance to little Naruto, so maybe this aunt is projecting her memories of Naruto onto Boruto.

But considering their family relationship, as well as the age difference, it would be extremely disgusting if Boruto ended up dating Hanabi.

Konohamaru with Hanabi actually felt as a safe choice.

Konohamaru was inspired by Naruto after all. His character now can be imagined as what would happen if Naruto had served as a team leader jonin.

If Hanabi saw the side she admired about Naruto in Konohamaru... hmm, the results could be interesting.

3. So little friend, what is Moegi's advantage or weakness?


It's ridiculous, Moegi's (childhood friend) advantage can actually be his weakness too. Because in anime whose name is a childhood friend, they often lose when they have to face a new love rival.

The cause of this phenomenon? A mangaka usually wants to show their character developing. The childhood friend portends stagnation, a passage from the past.

Often to realize character growth, these characters will end up with new characters, which makes them face conflicts and become better people.

The exception to this case in other manga also feels a bit. What I do know is that Detective Conan's Shinichi Kudo and Ran, who seem to be the final couple, set aside Ai Haibara.

Moegi's being too close with Konohamaru can also make both Konohamaru and Moegi feel more like good friends than a romantic couple, and can't imagine them to be dating and marrying someone else.

This is also another reason why childhood friends often lose in love affairs.

Hanabi, who appears as a potential partner with an interesting background (daughter of the Hyuga clan, Boruto's aunt), might be more able to attract Konohamaru's attention.

On the other hand, Hanabi could also like Konohamaru because of Konohamaru's similarities with Naruto.

But it's also funny that Konohamaru actually ends up dating Hanabi.

That means Konohamaru really followed in the footsteps of Naruto, his senior whom he admired, as a Rasengan user who later married a Hyuga.

If Konohamaru continues to be Hokage too, he will really feel more like Naruto's successor.

So what will happen if Konohamaru is with Hanabi? Well, Moegi can always pair up with Udon.

That way all members of Team Ebisu have their own partners.

Well, that's the picture of Konohamaru's love story when paired with two women who can make these fans baper. Isn't it suitable? Write your opinion!

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