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One Punch Man: Anger Determines Garou's Power?

One Punch Man: Anger Determines Garou's Power?

Garou experienced a significant increase in strength throughout the Monster Association arc. 

This made Garou finally succeeded in awakening the epic power within him, which later made Garou known as Awakened Garou. 

The awesomeness of Awakened Garou is shown in the previous few chapters. 

For example, when he managed to destroy various powerful enemies such as the Ugly Fuhrer.

At that time, Garou was shown to have defeated several monsters – including the Ugly Fuhrer – in less than a few seconds. 

The increase in speed is another thing experienced by Garou. 

The monsters themselves didn't realize what had happened to them, because of how fast Garou's attack was.

Then no less epic was when Garou fought Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm which made the sky turn into a light show, the speed of the three of them was so fast. 

And finally, Garou managed to defeat the two monsters. 

The climax is when Garou managed to defeat the Centi Sennin and how he fought against Saitama.

One Punch Man: Anger Determines Garou's Power?

This was shown in chapter 162 yesterday, where Garou fought against Saitama. 

However, the result was predictable, where Garou was unable to defeat Saitama. 

In fact, Garou struggles just to make Saitama hurt. 

What is worth noting from that moment is how awesome Garou's strength is.

The strength shown by Garou is very different from what is shown by Garou when fighting against Bang, Bomb, or other monsters. 

Garou looks even more terrifying with his new transformation. 

It is said that Garou's body changes are caused by mutations that occur. 

However, what exactly causes or triggers these mutations?

The answer was the anger experienced by Garou. 

In that chapter, Garou said that the anger inside him had caused his body to mutate. 

In addition, anger also makes his strength increase. 

Simply put, Garou is similar to the Hulk where due to Gamma radiation, he can turn into a terrible figure when angry.

One Punch Man: Anger Determines Garou's Power?

The angrier and more emotional the Hulk is, the greater his power. 

Garou also seems to have adopted the same concept. 

Annoyed and angry that he wasn't able to defeat or injure Saitama, and also annoyed when he found out that Saitama was the one who had defeated him several times, Garou's inner emotions seemed to make his body mutate and increase his strength.

There is almost no limit to the power the Hulk has when he is angry. 

This also seems to be the case for Garou, where maybe he has no limits on strength when angry. 

This of course makes Garou a dangerous figure and a serious threat to all existing heroes.

The anger that triggers the increase in Garou's strength is indeed quite reasonable. 

We can see how when Garou is defeated, he immediately experiences a rapid increase in strength. 

His body healed instantly, and Garou was able to fight again. 

That certainly raises a question mark, how did Garou do it.

One Punch Man: Anger Determines Garou's Power?

And chapter 162 seems to provide that answer, where Garou's inner anger is the key. 

In addition, anger triggering Garou's body mutation also makes sense because when Garou realized his mistake when he saw Bang seriously injured, we were shown how Garou's "mask" broke. 

This means that Garou's anger disappeared and was replaced with regret.

However, Garou's "mask" returns to perfection when the Centi Sennin appears and turns into something even more terrifying when he loses to Saitama. 

It will be interesting to see how Garou's final transformation will be in this regard. 

Will he turn into an even more terrifying demon?

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