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One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

The fight between Kaido and Monkey D. Luffy continues as shown in the last few chapters. 

The battle between the two is even more epic with Luffy now using the power of Gear 5 from his Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika devil fruit. Luffy shows his new abilities with the Gear 5 against Kaido.

Evidently, that Kaido does seem quite overwhelmed by the awakening power of Luffy. 

Kaido doesn't seem to believe that there is a devil fruit that has such terrible and extraordinary powers. And Kaido also doesn't seem too affected by Luffy's new power. 

Kaido seems to still be able to stand up to face Luffy. Then, what happens next in chapter 1047?

Momo Can't Save Wano?

One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

The chapter itself opens with a flashback from Momonosuke. 

In the flashback, we see what happened when Oden's castle caught fire and then how Momonosuke was before he was sent to the future. 

Momo looked doubtful before Toki sent him to the next 20 years, because he felt that he was unable to bear such a heavy burden.

However, Momo was touched by what Kinemon said. He said that all the Red Scabbards would rather die in the battle against Kaido than be burned to death in the palace. 

In the end, that's what made Momo agree to be able to go to the future. 

However, even now Momo seems hesitant to be able to release the fire cloud while Onigashima's distance is getting closer to the flower capital.

Luffy's New Technique

One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

Luffy again shows off his newest technique which is part of Gear 5 Luffy. 

In the last panel in chapter 1046 yesterday, we saw Luffy floating in the air while holding lightning and directing the lightning at Kaido. 

We finally know what the name of the technique used by Luffy against Kaido is, by relying on the lightning he "picked up" from the sky, namely Gomu Gomu no Thunder.

Kaido Knows Roger's "Secret"?

One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

There is an interesting moment that appears in the midst of Kaido and Luffy's fight this time. 

Kaido, who had seen how Luffy defeated him, as well as how determined he was to make Wano free again, tried to mention what Roger had done or achieved in the past. 

According to Kaido, "ability" is not the only way to achieve everything.

We can reflect on Roger who is not a devil fruit user. Roger only relies on his Haki abilities, but he can surpass all of them. 

Does that mean Kaido really respects Roger because of his ability? 

Why then is Kaido so obsessed with devil fruit if he thinks that the power of Haki is able to surpass all of them like Roger? 

It's interesting to see how Kaido offends Roger regarding this fight.

What is Hiyori's fate?

One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

In the previous chapter, Hiyori had stuck a sea stone nail into Kurozumi Orochi which made her unable to transform into her Zoan form. In effect, he does not move when hit by the ruins of Kaido's palace and also when exposed to Kazenbo's fire. 

It was thought that he was dead, it turns out that something extraordinary happened in this chapter where the sea stone spikes on Orochi's head came off. 

Finally, Orochi was able to re-access his Zoan power.

Angry Orochi finally tries to bring Hiyori to death with him. 

However, it is still unknown what will happen to Hiyori. Is Hiyori really going to die with Orochi? 

Or will Hiyori actually fight Orochi which makes Orochi finally die? 

During this time, Hiyori is shown to have never fought against anyone even though she has a desire to finish off Orochi. 

Will Hiyori's wish to kill Orochi finally come true?

Luffy Will Destroy Onigashima?

One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

At the end of the chapter, we see how Momonosuke had a chance to talk to Luffy. 

Luffy returned to the sky and then appeared in a very large size, especially on his arm. In fact, you could say the size of Luffy's arm far exceeds the size of the island of Onigashima. 

Luffy told Momo that he wanted to end it all. According to Luffy, the island of Onigashima is actually annoying.

Despite that, Luffy entrusted what happened afterwards to Momonosuke. 

Does that mean that Luffy will defeat Kaido while also destroying Onigashima? 

Judging from his intentions, it seems Luffy is fed up with everything and wants to end his fight immediately. 

That is, it is not impossible if Luffy then wants to destroy Onigashima.

The fight between Luffy and Kaido seems to have started to reach the end point in the story, where maybe we will finally see who is the winner of the fight.

But, of course all that is not certain, where Oda Sensei might present various other plot twists. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

One Piece 1047 Review: Luffy Destroys Onigashima?

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