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One Punch Man: Not God, This is Saitama's Last Opponent?

One Punch Man: Not God, This is Saitama's Last Opponent?

The One-Punch Man manga series presents a very unique story where the main protagonist in the story, Saitama, is a character who has extraordinary powers. 

He could not be destroyed, injured, or even killed. 

In fact, Saitama became a figure who was able to destroy anything very easily, with just one hit.

This also makes everything that happens in Saitama's life feels very boring. 

Saitama also continues to try to find enemies who he considers equal or able to provide resistance to his strength. 

So far there are several characters that are considered capable of being strong candidates to match Saitama's figure.

The first candidate is Blast. 

The number one hero in the world is known to have no less powerful strength, as shown in chapter 145 yesterday. He even fought in another dimension, and not just on earth.

Then, the other candidate is God. 

This mysterious figure has just been introduced in the last few chapters.

As the name implies, God is considered a god or god who has unlimited power. 

This can be seen from God being able to give power to whoever he wants or he can even take someone's life. 

Based on the explanation above, it is natural that both of them become strong candidates for equal opponents for Saitama.

However, there is another unique theory that has developed among fans where it is stated that Saitama's student, Genos, will be Saitama's final opponent. 

He is the one who will give Saitama satisfaction in fighting because he is able to match his strength. 

It has been a long time since Genos has been eager to find out what is the secret to Saitama's power.

Genos himself is known to be a cyborg figure who is trying to find the whereabouts of "Mad Cyborg," a robot that lost control that destroyed the house where he lived. 

The robot also killed all the residents there except Genos. 

In theory, Genos is actually the figure of the "Mad Cyborg" and he is the only survivor because he is the main culprit.

Genos The Mad Cyborg

One Punch Man: Not God, This is Saitama's Last Opponent?

All the series of events that occurred were the result of the actions of Dr. Kuseno who built a cyborg body and tried to put the brain from Genos into the cyborg body before Genos' territory was destroyed. 

However, in the process, an error occurred which made Genos move out of control and eventually Genos destroyed everything around him.

Dr. Kuseno may feel guilty about the incident, and in the end he forms a false memory, which ensures that Genos remembers nothing about the horrific event. 

The theory also states that Kuseno's warning against Genos is not just a concern from Kuseno's figure who is considered a father himself.

However, it is also considered a form of prevention from Dr. Kuseno so that Genos won't get out of control anymore. 

Kuseno saw an opportunity to pay for the past mistakes of Genos' figure. 

Passively and slowly, Dr. Kuseno continues to give encouragement and encouragement to Genos so that he can become a hero and become a good person, in order to prevent Genos from acting again.

Genos' nickname, "Demon Cyborg," is considered one of the key clues in his theory that makes him resemble his target, "Mad Cyborg." 

In addition, Genos's adventure to take revenge against Mad Cyborg has led him to a moment where he tries to get a very powerful power, no matter where he is.

One way is to combine components from the enemy he defeats to then get a power increase. 

From what was presented at this time, the physical form of Genos didn't seem much different from that of the monster Garou, with black armor and sharp spikes appearing on his arms.

Although taking components from the enemy he defeated could increase his strength, it also came with some risks. 

What if later these components managed to influence the figure of Genos and turn him into a monster or evil? 

After all, the process of turning into a monster in this series is still not known for certain. 

It is possible that the remnants of the evil energy in the robotic component "infected" Genos' body.

Covert Evidence

One Punch Man: Not God, This is Saitama's Last Opponent?

One of the interesting evidences of Genos turning into a monster can be found in chapter 86 of the webcomic version. 

Dr. The genus of the House of Evolution explains that humans can turn into monsters due to various things such as pollution or other triggers. 

And in the explanation there are illustrations of several human monsters.

What's interesting is that there is Genos' face in the illustration, shrouded among the other, bigger faces. 

The chapter also explains that the process of turning into a monster is often caused by an "explosion of negative emotions." Something that is likely to happen if Genos finds out that he is the Mad Cyborg he has been looking for. 

However, interestingly, in the manga version itself in chapter 88, Genos' face "disappears" in the illustration.

However, there are several arguments against his theory. 

Early in the manga, another robot/cyborg hero, Drive Knight, tells Genos that Mad Cyborg has connections to Metal Knight, another hero who operates remotely using drones. 

The figure behind the Metal Knight name itself is an intelligent and crazy scientist, namely Dr. Bofoi.

However, it is possible that what Drive Knight said is not true or misinformation, because it seems that Drive Knight is also looking for the whereabouts of Mad Cyborg, and he is on the wrong track. 

There is also another possibility that Drive Knight is lying, and that it is being done deliberately as a form of political manipulation in the hero world.

Drive Knight himself proves to be unreliable when he abandons Genos who is about to blow himself up to protect Fubuki, Bang and the other heroes. 

If then Genos' quest for a mighty power to avenge Mad Cyborg turns him into evil, then there is only one person who can stop Genos before the big change occurs, namely Saitama.

Saitama's Last Fight

One Punch Man: Not God, This is Saitama's Last Opponent?

The battle between Saitama and Genos is predicted to be full of emotion and drama. 

To Saitama, Genos probably wouldn't be considered an opponent with superior strength. 

This is because Saitama feels that they have spent a lot of time together, which makes the bond between them strong.

Saitama will not and will not destroy Genos. Saitama doesn't accept that Genos turns into a monster after they become good friends. 

The challenge for Saitama is how to defeat Genos – with his newest powerful power – without destroying him.

This scenario would give Saitama the last opponent he had to face. 

The greatest opponent faced by the figure of Saitama who has tremendous strength is not someone who can challenge him physically, but someone who makes Saitama feel that he is unable to destroy the figure/enemy.

This battle between student and teacher was also described in the last few chapters where Bang fought with his own student, Garou, and he had to lose when Garou turned into a strong figure. 

It is not impossible if then Genos will change like Garou, where he becomes strong and is able to defeat Saitama.

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