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One Piece 1047: Mariejoa's National Treasure Revealed!

One Piece 1047: Mariejoa's National Treasure Revealed!

Eiichiro Oda provides a number of clues about what Mariejoa's National Treasure actually looks like ahead of the release of One Piece 1047.

Based on the clues up to One Piece 1047, it turns out that Mariejoa's hidden treasure is a giant Straw Hat similar to Luffy's.

The giant Straw Hat allegedly belonged to Luffy's predecessor who was very influential in the world.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1047 which will reveal what Mariejoa's National Treasure really is.

First of all, let's assume that the giant Straw Hat is a treasure hidden by the World Government in the holy land of Mariejoa.

So the question is, what is the importance of keeping a giant Straw Hat and keeping it a secret from everyone in the world of One Piece?

Because the attitude of the World Government makes it seem as if the giant Straw Hat is a very important object.

It seemed like it was a symbol of a leader who had opposed the 20 united kingdom alliances in the past.

The opposition came at the time of the greatest war and the beginning of the Void Century 800 years ago.

One Piece 1047: Mariejoa's National Treasure Revealed!

The leader of the resistance movement was none other than Joy Boy.

Because as we know Zunisha once said that Joy Boy was his friend.

Even in chapter 1042 the ancient elephant also stated that Joy Boy was present at Wano Kuni.

This refers to the awakening of Luffy's legendary devil fruit Awakening power which has not risen for 800 years.

So what does the giant straw hat have to do with Luffy and also Joy Boy? The answer key to this problem is in chapter 507.

In that chapter there is a Color Spread showing a member of the Straw Hat pirates sitting on a treasure trove.

If you pay attention to the left and right of the Color Spread, there are several swords stuck.

It was very much like the state of the empty throne in Mariejoa.

Then on the left if you look, there is a sword that is already mossy and this is like describing a room that is already mossy.

Sure enough in Mariejoa there is a room that is already mossy where again there is shown a sword and the figure of Im Sama.

In addition, what needs to be underlined in chapter 507 is that Rayleigh also said that the Gol D Roger pirate group and the Ohara residents were too hasty.

Why did he say that? The answer was obvious, because at that time there were not as many people who opposed the World Government as they are today.

Examples such as Monkey D Dragon with his Revolutionary Army, then the Supernovas, the former Shichibukai, and the Yonkou.

Luffy, who is believed to be the successor of Joy Boy, also has a Straw Hat which is a symbol of freedom and resistance to the World Government.

The giant Straw Hat in Mariejoa is the hat that Joy Boy had when he had the power of the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit model Nika.

Because as we know that with the power of this devil fruit alone Luffy is able to transform himself into a giant form.

So it is not impossible if the giant Straw Hat really belongs to Joy Boy, who was once a giant because of his Awakening power.

Of course, the mystery about the giant Straw Hats residing in Mariejoa will be further revealed when One Piece 1047 is released in two weeks.

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