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One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Luffy Becomes Yonkou After Defeating Kaido?!

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Luffy Becomes Yonkou After Defeating Kaido?!

Fans are getting impatient waiting for the release of One Piece 1047 which is predicted to be the climax of the big battle in the Wano Arc.

The reason is, fans are curious about whether Luffy will become a yonkou after defeating Kaido after a great fight in the Wano Arc.

It is known, yonkou is a term to refer to the four most famous and powerful pirate captains in the world of One Piece.

The four of them are known to be neither allies nor enemies of each other.

In contrast, the four yonkou prefer to remain independent in most circumstances.

These four yonkou are personally in the second half of the Grand Line where they exert impressive influence and control dozens of other pirate crews on the self-governing islands.

The four yonkou pirates are known to consist of Shanks, Big Mom, Kaido, and Blackbeard.

However, most likely Oda Sensei as the creator of One Piece will not make Luffy a yonkou after the fight in the Wano Arc is over in One Piece 1047 later.

The reason is, so that a pirate can become a person, it's not just a matter of strength.

As explained by Basil Hawkins, to become a yonkou a pirate must have powers beyond human reason.

That is, it explains that the strength of a yonkou is unquestionable for its greatness and horror.

Not only that, to become a yonkou is not just about strength, but more than that.

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Luffy Becomes Yonkou After Defeating Kaido?!

The influence of the connection of power and knowledge of the oceans is something that a yonkou must have.

If only armed with strength, it is clear that a pirate can't conquer the savage oceans in the world of One Piece.

Therefore, it doesn't feel right if Luffy replaces Kaido as a yonkou.

The reason is, until now Luffy still relies on Nami as a navigator and Jinbei as a ship's helmsman to navigate the ocean.

So, to seize the yonkou throne is not as easy and short as killing a yonkou and then replacing the vacant yonkou position.

Then, why can a Blackbeard become a yonkou in a very fast time?

This is because Blackbeard himself already has the capacity and quality to become a yonkou.

In conclusion, in One Piece 1047 Luffy will not become a yonkou even though he managed to defeat Kaido in the Wano Arc.

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