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One Punch Man: Phoenix Man Can't Die?

One Punch Man: Phoenix Man Can't Die?

The monster association in One-Punch Man is the main villain in the series. 

They appear to destroy humanity as well as the heroes. 

All the monsters and villains gathered here, from the weakest to the strongest. One of the monsters who joined this association was the Phoenix Man.

Phoenix Man is one of the monsters that has faced Saitama and has also come face-to-face with a hero from the Hero Association, namely Child Emperor. 

The fight between them became a long battle and was one of the most epic. 

However, what was extraordinary about the fight was how Phoenix Man managed to get back up and become strong.

Phoenix Man itself is a unique monster compared to other monsters in this story. 

Phoenix Man was originally an unknown human, where he was the figure behind the mascot costume for a comedy show. 

What's interesting, because he was wearing a costume for too long in the end he turned into a monster.

One Punch Man: Phoenix Man Can't Die?

Phoenix Man's debut as a monster is different from other monsters in general, where he tends to be cowardly and kind. 

However, things slowly began to change especially after he lost and died in the fight against the Child Emperor. Phoenix Man tries to be strong so he can rule the world.

One of the most extraordinary things about the Phoenix Man figure, apart from his ability to manipulate the elements of nature, is how he is able to come back from the dead and become even stronger. 

Phoenix Man is gifted with an ability where he can revive from the dead, provided that his entire costume or body is still intact.

And every time Phoenix Man rises from the dead, his power will increase and he will undergo a transformation of his form or costume. 

This was shown in the battle between Phoenix Man and Child Emperor. 

The Child Emperor himself did not believe that an enemy he had defeated was capable of resurrecting from the dead.

One Punch Man: Phoenix Man Can't Die?

In addition, every time Phoenix Man manages to rise again from the dead, he will also resurrect various corpses or other creatures around him. 

This can be seen from the figure of Gale Wind who revived thanks to the power of Phoenix Man, after he was killed by Flashy Flash.

Even so, those who were resurrected from the dead due to Phoenix Man's power would not be able to return to the way they were before. 

They were all under Phoenix Man's control. 

This is what makes Phoenix Man actually one of the strongest villains in the One-Punch Man series. Unfortunately, Phoenix Man is one of the characters whose strength is reduced (nerf).

This makes sense, because otherwise the Phoenix Man figure might be very overpowered. 

The power of the Phoenix Man who is able to reincarnate is likely adapted from the mythological creature of the Phoenix bird which is indeed able to be reincarnated from the dead. 

However, there is an interesting fact that emerges from Phoenix Man and also his strength.

One Punch Man: Phoenix Man Can't Die?

In the webcomic version, Phoenix Man actually does not have the ability to be able to rise again from the dead. 

In addition, Phoenix Man is also not a figure who has epic power. 

He was just an ordinary monster that the Child Emperor could easily defeat.

 And he still died after being defeated by the figure of the hero.

ONE then decided to change the Phoenix Man character which then redrawn the character's figure with a reincarnated version before then the design was redrawn again by Yusuke Murata. 

And the last fact is that Phoenix Man is one of the very few monsters whose threat level is able to continue to increase as his power level increases, thanks to his reincarnation ability.

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