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Official Comeback Drama, Kim Woo Bin's appearance in the first episode of "Our Blues" Successfully Shocked Netizens.

Kim Woo Bin officially returned to the small screen after the drama "Our Blues" aired its first episode on Saturday (9/4). That's why his appearance in this drama immediately got a big reaction.

As is known, Kim Woo Bin has been on hiatus for several years after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. 

After undergoing treatment, he finally decided to appear in the drama "Our Blues" which aired on tvN.

"Our Blues" is an omnibus-style drama that tells the lives of various characters living on Jeju Island. Kim Woo Bin plays a young man named Park Jung Joon who serves as the captain of the ship.

Park Jung Joon is a warm-hearted man who is looking for a woman who will not leave Jeju. She ends up falling in love with Lee Young Ok (Han Ji Min), a diver who has moved to Jeju for the past year.

Kim Woo Bin's appearance as Park Jung Joon in the first episode of this drama is quite strong. 

Especially when he doesn't receive greetings from Lee Young Ok, but continues to show interest in him.

In particular, he is able to display the "ordinary youth" charm very well thanks to his excellent acting skills. 

This shows that he has not lost his touch as a great actor despite his years of hiatus.

In the end, Kim Woo Bin's impressive appearance in the first episode of "Our Blues" successfully stole the attention of fans. 

They welcomed the actor's return and praised his acting skills as follows:

"Kim Woo Bin is finally back in the drama after 6 years! He looks really great as usual," said a netter.

 "Welcome back, Kim Woo Bin! Nice to see you on TV after 6 long years. We really miss you," added the other netters.

"I like all the characters. But my eyes are only on Kim Woo Bin. He is a sexy and sweet fisherman!" another netter said. 

"Woo Bin as the captain of the ship is too difficult to handle. He can drive people crazy!" said another.

"Kim Woo Bin is finally back and he is very impressive in this drama," said the other netters. "I'm so happy to see him on TV again. And he's still as great as ever!" concluded the other netters.

Meanwhile, "Our Blues" also stars a number of top actors, including Shin Min A, Lee Byung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, Uhm Jung Hwa and many more. 

With such an impressive line-up, "Our Blues" is predicted to be very successful.

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