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Tokyo Revengers 249 Spoiler: Kantou Manji Starting to Lose?

Tokyo Revengers 249 Spoiler: Kantou Manji Starting to Lose?

The epic battle between Kantou Manji and Tokyo Manji has already begun in the manga series Tokyo Revengers. 

Many epic battles take place in this battle, ranging from battles between friends to between siblings. 

In the previous chapter, we saw how Inupi and Koko's fight was stopped by Wakasa. 

Wakasa himself said that he would be the opponent of Inupi.

Senju also fights against Haruchiyo, who challenges him to a duel. 

Haruchiyo himself seems to be holding an iron pipe while fighting the Senju. 

Later, it was revealed that Mitsuya had met the Haitani brothers when he was 13 years old, and Mitsuya greatly idolized them. 

Now, he and Hakkai prepare to fight against them.

So, what happens in the next chapter? 

In this chapter 249 we were shown how Hakkai took Rindou Haitani to another place to make room for Ran and Mitsuya to fight one on one. 

Hakkai himself actually took Rindou to another place to also fight one on one.

Tokyo Revengers 249 Spoiler: Kantou Manji Starting to Lose?

From the panel it was revealed that Hakkai was victorious in the fight against Rindou. 

On the other hand, Mitsuya and Ran were fighting each other, and Mitsuya himself seemed to have managed to beat Ran as well. 

He asked Ran to stand up, but Ran confessed that he couldn't anymore and couldn't stand up anymore. 

They agreed that it was an epic fight.

The story shifts to another battle, where Mochi and Chifuyu are shown still fighting. 

Even though Mochi has a physical advantage, where his body size is bigger than Chifuyu, but the unyielding attitude and determination shown by Chifuyu makes him have the advantage to be able to overwhelm Mochi.

Even Mochi was surprised that he couldn't beat Chifuyu. Chifuyu himself then said that the reason why he won was because he had always been a much bigger figure than Mochi. 

The chapter then moves to a battle between brothers, namely Kawaragi Senju and Haruchiyo Sanju.

Tokyo Revengers 249 Spoiler: Kantou Manji Starting to Lose?

Senju himself appears to have suffered severe injuries, especially on his head, where his head was bleeding. 

Meanwhile, Senju's face itself appears to have severe bruises. 

However, Haruchiyo didn't seem to care at all about what happened to his sister. 

Haruchiyo instead said that because he was the one who raised Senju, he knew all of her moves.

Many fans are worried about Mitsuya's fate because the smile that Ran shows gives a signal that something evil has been prepared by Ran. 

However, some other fans believe that the smile that Ran shows is a smile of satisfaction, and in the end the two of them will become friends or friends.

If Hakkai did manage to defeat Rindou, then that meant Toman had the advantage now. 

Then, Chifuyu has always been a great fighter so her win against Mochi doesn't really surprise many fans. 

Even though the chapter doesn't mention that Chifuyu won, it's very unlikely that she will lose.

Tokyo Revengers 249 Spoiler: Kantou Manji Starting to Lose?

The opposite is shown by Senju, who has to face Haruchiyo who is older than him and in terms of fighting experience is far superior. 

Also, Haruchiyo has an iron pipe in his hand, while Senju fights with his bare hands. 

Senju also wanted to save his brother, which was why he might refrain from overdoing it in the fight.

Takemichi and Mikey themselves have not been shown fighting in the last two chapters, and it is not known who Hanma Suji is facing. 

What will happen next in this battle? 

Will Mikey finally join the fight? We look forward to the continuation of the story!

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