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Luffy's Awakening is Rated to be the Most Ridiculous Power in the One Piece Universe



Luffy's devil fruit awakening is rated as the most ridiculous power in the One Piece universe that allows the creation of comedy cartoon-like battles.

Previously, Oda had surprised by revealing that Luffy's devil fruit is a Mythical Zoan type devil fruit, Hito Hito no Mi, Model Nika not the Gomu no Mi that has been believed.

Like all Mythical Zoan, it grants its user the ability to transform into a mythical creature and gain its abilities, in this case the legendary "god" called Nika.

Very little is known about Nika, except that the World Government has been trying for centuries to control this devil fruit and hide its existence and real name from the world.

Luffy's body retains the properties of rubber, but there seems to be no limit to how he can modify it.

Aside from the usual stretching and zooming, now Luffy's fighting style has taken on a ridiculous style.

Luffy's awakening fighting style is reminiscent of classic comedy cartoons like Looney Tunes.

The eyes that come out of Luffy's face are the most ridiculous things that have happened in a fight since he awakened his devil fruit.

In One Piece 1045 he uses Kaido in dragon form as a jumping rope, then when hit by Boro's Breath, Luffy's body turns black as if charred, which instantly dissipates.

Luffy even propelled himself in the air just by pedaling his feet. When Kaido hit his head with his club, Luffy barely took any damage, Luffy instead turned his head into Kaido's mace form.

Everything seen since Luffy's awakening, from the facial expressions to the techniques used, evokes classic comedy cartoons featuring lots of physical comedy and jokes.

The Gorosei also claim Luffy's strength makes him the "silliest power in the world".

What makes the whole fight even more ridiculous is that Luffy's abilities affect the world around him, and that includes not only objects but living things as well.

The people who watched the fight also had bulging eyes, and even Kaido's body was no longer invulnerable.

Luffy's final attack pierced him straight through, literally punching a hole in his face, but Kaido returned to "normal" in the next panel (even if visibly affected by the blow).

Kaido himself said that Luffy's new ability was so versatile that he had never seen anything like it.

This "ultimate freedom" may be all it takes to defeat Kaido, but Luffy's new powers are still the most ridiculous things seen in One Piece's 25 year history.

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