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How Much is Joy Boy's Bounty Worth in One Piece?

How Much is Joy Boy's Bounty Worth in One Piece?

The name Joy Boy re-emerged in the battle at Onigashima in the current Wano Country arc. 

Joy Boy is one of the most important characters in One Piece history. 

But, unfortunately, the figure of Joy Boy is known to have died hundreds of years ago. 

Based on the information known about Joy Boy, he is an important figure who lived in the lost century.

The name Joy Boy is again a hot topic of discussion in the third round of this Wano Country arc, after Joy Boy is considered a figure that has been awaited since tens or even hundreds of years ago. 

Even so, Oda Sensei himself still hasn't provided much important information about Joy Boy.

In addition to the information already known above, there is a lot of speculation that has sprung up among fans about this figure. 

For example, Joy Boy is speculated to be the leader of the Ancient Kingdom. 

However, due to the invasion of 20 kingdoms that attacked the Ancient Kingdom, finally Joy Boy and his kingdom had to be destroyed.

How Much is Joy Boy's Bounty Worth in One Piece?

Then, there is also speculation where Joy Boy is considered to be the first pirate king. 

Joy Boy is also considered to be the first person to set foot on Laugh Tale and be the one who keeps all the treasures on the island, including the One Piece treasure. 

And the latest speculation is that Joy Boy is being targeted by the World Government, based on the fact that he apologized to the fishman for not being able to fulfill his promise.

Geeks may be wondering if then Joy Boy is indeed the target of the World Government, does that mean he has a bounty like other World Government targets? 

So far, there hasn't been any information that Joy Boy has a game value. However, it is not something impossible.

Throughout the history of the One Piece world, the figure who is known to have the greatest bounty in the world is Gol D. Roger, with a bounty of 5,564,800,000 Belly. 

Followed by Whitebeard who also has a bounty of 5 billion Belly, then Kaido and Big Mom who both have a bounty of 4 billion Belly.

How Much is Joy Boy's Bounty Worth in One Piece?

The assumptions of the fans themselves say that Roger got such a big number because he managed to go to Laugh Tale. 

And so far no other pirates have been able to approach Roger's achievement, except for the Yonko.

Whitebeard himself could actually have followed in Roger's footsteps. 

However, Whitebeard's bounty could be at the same number as Roger's, possibly because he knows information about the world's secrets, and also he has the most powerful devil fruit in the world, the Gura Gura no Mi. 

How about Joy Boy? 

The strength of the Joy Boy figure itself is still unknown until now.

However, as we know, Joy Boy is speculated to be the previous owner of the Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit, Model: Sun God Nika. 

Assuming that what Luffy is presenting now and before with the devil fruit is a picture of Joy Boy's strength in the past, it means that Joy Boy is a strong figure.

Luffy himself currently has a bounty of 1.5 billion Belly. 

However, this is because Luffy is considered an insignificant figure in the world of One Piece, until he arrives in the New World. 

Joy Boy experienced different things, whose name must have been very well known to the Gorosei and all those in the World Government.

With his influence as Joy Boy, and how he poses a huge threat to the World Government with the secrets he keeps in the Poneglyphs in Laugh Tale, it makes sense that his bounty would be higher than Roger's. 

Joy Boy's bounty may reach 7-9 billion Belly.

At first glance these numbers may seem implausible. 

But, again, we look at some of the important factors of the figure. 

For example, Joy Boy's great influence, his devil fruit power, and how he became a major threat to the World Government both at that time and for the future. 

Do you agree with this?

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