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One Piece 1048 Surprise: Dragon Turns out to be a Legendary Devil Fruit Eater!

One Piece 1048 Surprise: Dragon Turns out to be a Legendary Devil Fruit Eater!

It was revealed in One Piece 1048 that Dragon also has a legendary devil fruit like his son, Luffy.

From the facts to One Piece 1048, if Luffy is the Sun God, then Dragon is the Weather God.

The theory of Dragon's legendary devil fruit is of course based on the clues and story patterns that Oda has given so far.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1048 regarding Dragon which has the same type of devil fruit as Luffy.

Luffy's father Monkey D Dragon is one of the strongest characters that Oda hasn't shown much about his background.

Although Dragon has yet to show his true strength, he has been labeled as the most wanted criminal in the entire world.

Of course there is something special that causes the World Government to label it that way apart from its organization that opposes the World Government, namely its mysterious power.

From the few appearances of Dragon in the story so far, there are some hints as to its true power.

Every time he appeared, the weather at the location he visited seemed to change.

So so far it can be said that Dragon has the ability to manipulate the weather with the reach of the entire city.

Evidently when his presence in Loguetown, it was shown that many residents were thrown up by a large tornado that hit the city.

Even though he has such terrifying power, it's strange that the Gorosei and the Marines so far don't seem to know about it.

Evidently even though he had fought the World Government many times, the Dragon's power was never mentioned even by the Admiral or Gorosei once.

This makes fans believe that the mysterious power of Dragon was deliberately covered up by Oda like Luffy for some reason.

With the recent appearance of the legendary Sun God devil fruit Nika. It's not impossible if there is another god who has control over some other element of nature.

One Piece 1048 Surprise: Dragon Turns out to be a Legendary Devil Fruit Eater!

Like the God of Weather and this fruit definitely belongs to the category of legendary devil fruit like Luffy.

Where at first the fruit appears to have a simple power, but when it reaches Awakening, the fruit will reveal its true nature.

This factor makes it very difficult for us to distinguish a legendary devil fruit and an ordinary fruit.

Because before Awakening, the user still has ordinary powers such as Paramecia, Logia, or Zoan.

However, with the Awakening of the legendary devil fruit, the user actually seems to have the power of three types of devil fruit.

Taking the example of Luffy's legendary devil fruit, the fruit is never mentioned once in the story as anything special.

It was only when Luffy started to reach his full potential that the devil fruit showed its true nature.

Then this opens the door wide that there is more than one legendary devil fruit scattered throughout the world.

So that initially Dragon could only control the wind. But over time, he was able to increase his strength like Luffy.

Then he finally got to the point where he could manipulate the weather perfectly.

One Piece 1048 Surprise: Dragon Turns out to be a Legendary Devil Fruit Eater!

Surprisingly, Luffy's legendary devil fruit characteristics which have the properties of the three types Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan are also found in Dragon fruit.

From a Paramecia point of view, this type shouldn't have any elemental powers, but once they reach Awakening they can turn their surroundings into their elemental devil fruit.

If Dragon can only attract rain at first, but with Awakening he is able to attract clouds and create a big storm somewhere as has been shown.

As for Logia, devil fruit abilities of this type are also known to modify the environment as a consequence of using their powers.

An example is Akainu and Aokiji who fought so intensely that the climate on the island where they fought changed.

But this tremendous power must of course come from the power of a god who is none other than the Mythical Zoan.

So most likely the Dragon Devil Fruit is of the Mythical Zoan type, even though the user can change to the form of a god or creature that is considered legendary.

Dragon can still issue various elements that are included in Logia and Paramecia.

The secret about this legendary devil fruit owned by Dragon will certainly be revealed in One Piece 1048 or the next chapters.

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