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5 Facts about Yor Briar, Loid's Wife and Anya's Mother in Spy x Family Anime

The Spy x Family anime has finally introduced Yor Briar.

This character has an important role in the journey of the fake Forger family led by Loid Forger.

Yor's presence will certainly make this series even more exciting to watch. Spy x Family tells the story of a spy codenamed Twilight who is assigned to approach a high-ranking political party.

One way is to enter the child into a prestigious school.

Twilight then assumes the identity of a Loid Forger and adopts a boy named Anya.

Since the school required both the child's parents to be present, Loid was looking for a "wife" and he finally found it in Yor Briar.

Slice-of-life genre, this series has an interesting story about a fake family, each member of which keeps a secret. Many comedic scenes are created throughout this series, along with action scenes that are no less exciting.

Yor's presence will definitely make Spy x Family even more fun to watch. Who is Jordan? Here are some interesting facts about Loid's fake wife!

1. Loid Forger's fake wife

Yor works as a clerk at the town hall.

One day, she went to a tailor's shop to sew her torn dress.

At the same time, Loid was there to make Anya's clothes.

The accidental meeting turned out to make Loid tremble. Loid then approached Yor and asked him to be his "wife" for Anya who wanted to enter an elite school.

Yor, who was also looking for a partner, finally agreed.

She was also happy because he could find a guy as handsome as Loid to take to his friend's party. Moreover, Yor is often mentioned by his friends because of his single status.

So, Loid's invitation seemed a breath of fresh air to him.

At the end of episode 2, Loid finally "proposed" to Yor.

They will also be "legally" as husband and wife in episode 3. However, of course, Yor doesn't know the real identity of the "husband".

Even more interesting, Yor seems to believe that Anya is Loid's biological child from a previous marriage.

2. Professional killer

Yor is introduced as a clerk at the town hall.

However, the job was actually just a cover.

Originally, Yor was a professional assassin.

Her figure who looks quiet and relaxed in front of his coworkers, turns out to be the opposite when he carries out his duties as a professional assassin.

Episode 2 shows how skilled Yor is with her real profession.

She can attack her opponents quickly and knock them out with ease. As a professional assassin, Yor was nicknamed the Thorn Princess.

Yor hid this real profession from everyone, except his boss. Her younger sister, Yuri, doesn't even know that her sister is a professional assassin.

Loid also doesn't know that the girl he "proposed" as a wife is a murderer. But, Anya knows.

3. 27 years old

Jordan is 27 years old.

This age is considered mature enough to have a partner.

But, what can you do, Yor is still single.

She had never even been married, let alone had a girlfriend.

Loid looks at Yor's data from a pile of single female identities Franky got from City Hall.

Initially, Loid did not know the personal data or maybe he had missed it.

However, after meeting Yor at the tailor's shop, Loid became convinced that Yor would be his partner.

4. Often bullied by coworkers

Yor's status is single and single often makes him get unpleasant treatment from his friends.

They thought it was impossible for a girl like Yor to live alone until now.

In fact, some think Yor has a dirty job to support himself.

Yor actually just ignore the words of his friends. But, after a while he became uncomfortable.

Moreover, his friends always mention Yor's singleness.

Luckily, Yor then met Loid. Even so, her friends still try to bully him.

Many couldn't believe how Yor managed to get a young man as handsome as Loid.

5. Secretly interested in Loid Forger

Yor was very happy with Loid's presence.

Especially after Loid agreed to go to her friend's party. However, Loid was late and Yor was forced to come alone. Her friends began to worship because of this condition.

They accused Yor of lying about his girlfriend.

When Yor was about to go home, Loid suddenly appeared and claimed to be Yor's husband. Yor and his friends were shocked. They didn't expect that Loid would say something like that.

Yor's friend moreover. They couldn't believe that Yor was hiding his marital status.

Yor's friends also tried to humiliate Yor. However, Loid even defended Yor until the girl was speechless.

Her also seemed to be fascinated by Loid. Either as her fake husband or indeed Yor secretly has a crush on her.
Yor, who is attracted to Loid, offers to extend his cooperation period.

This is done so that the identity of the PR as a hitman can be kept safe.

In addition, she also thought that at this time maybe only Loid would accept it.

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