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Boruto 69 Spoiler: Eida Gets Into Action!

Boruto 69 Spoiler: Eida Gets Into Action!

The situation in Konoha is currently in a precarious state as shown in the previous chapter in the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

After the epic battle that occurred between Code against Boruto and Kawaki, the Konoha shinobi finally returned to the village. 

They try to rest while figuring out what really happened.

Kawaki himself is shown unconscious because Code uses Daemon's power to restore Kawaki's powerful attack. 

On the other hand, Shikamaru was trying to talk to Amado about the Karma in Kawaki's body. 

However, their conversation was shocked by the appearance of Code who had previously secretly placed Claw Marks on Shikamaru's body.

We also see the figure of a reprogrammed Delta fight against Code. However, just as Code is cornered, another surprising figure appears which is none other than Eida. 

So, what happens in the next chapter? Chapter 69 itself is titled “Enchanted”.

 The chapter opens by continuing the situation that occurred in the previous chapter. We see Amado who can't move.

Boruto 69 Spoiler: Eida Gets Into Action!

That's because he was shocked and panicked to see the figure of Eida – and also Code. 

Kawaki then wakes up after being unconscious for some time. 

In front of him was the figure of Naruto who wanted to talk to him. 

There was a figure of Sumire also beside Kawaki. 

Then the moment moved to the conversation between Sasuke and Boruto.

Boruto tells Sasuke that he wants to return the headband that belonged to Sasuke that he borrowed before the fight against Isshiki. 

However, Sasuke himself refused it. 

According to him, the headband already belongs to Boruto. In other words Sasuke gave the headband to Boruto. And Boruto also seemed happy to receive Sasuke's gift.

The moment then shifted again into Amado's room where Amado, Shikamaru, Delta, Code, and Eida were. 

Taking advantage of the situation, Code threatens Amado's life with his claws. Code threatens to kill Amado by stabbing him if he doesn't release Code's inner limiter.

Boruto 69 Spoiler: Eida Gets Into Action!

On the other hand, Eida started to move and Shikamaru tried to block Eida's movement with his shadow technique. 

Unfortunately, it seems that Shikamaru's shadow technique is not working properly. Shikamaru then tried to negotiate with Eida. 

However, something unexpected happened where Delta then fell in love with the figure of Eida.

Lastly, Sarada was surprised after she was asked by Mitsuki if she liked Boruto's figure. 

The preview for chapter 70 mentions that there is a dilemma that arises from Eida's ability. 

And still waiting for what strategy will be used by Shikamaru to deal with this situation and also face Eida. 

For now, Shikamaru was definitely in a difficult position.

In addition, there was a big problem that the other Shikamaru had to deal with. 

With Delta already starting to fall in love with Eida thanks to Eida's power, it means that Shikamaru's life is in danger because Delta could follow whatever Eida ordered. 

On the other hand, it is not impossible if Shikamaru is then exposed to Eida's "magic" to fall in love with him.

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