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Tokyo Revengers 250 Spoiler: Senju Dying?

Tokyo Revengers 250 Spoiler: Senju Dying?

The epic battle between Kantou Manji Gang and Tokyo Manji Gang is still not over in the story in the manga series Tokyo Revengers. 

What happened was that the situation got even more complicated with the various battles that took place in it. 

Starting from the fight between friends to the fight between brother and sister. 

For example, we see the battle between Haruchiyo and Kawaragi Senju.

Previously, we also saw Mitsuya's fight who managed to defeat Ran Haitani. 

Mochi also doesn't seem to believe that he was defeated by Chifuyu, who is much smaller than Mochi. 

It is still unknown what happened to Takemichi after he had previously managed to withstand several enemy blows.

So, what happens in the next chapter? Chapter 250 is titled “Turn The Table”.

The chapter opens with Kakuchi looking annoyed, because no matter how many times he throws a punch at Takemichi, Takemichi himself doesn't seem to feel sick or want to give up. 

On the other hand, Akkun and Madarame Shion seemed to be done with their fight.

Tokyo Revengers 250 Spoiler: Senju Dying?

Akkun challenges Shion and Shion himself is annoyed with Akkun's challenge. 

Shion who was very annoyed and angry then used all her strength to punch Akkun in the face. 

However, Akkun managed to dodge the blow. On the other hand, Akkun with all his might managed to beat Shion naturally, who was so hard that his jaw shifted.

Not only did the jaw shift, Akkun's punch rendered Shion instantly helpless. 

All of Toman's members who saw this immediately cheered, and they were happy because Toman managed to defeat several important figures from Kantou Manji such as the Haitani Brothers, Mochi, and Madarame Shion. 

They also started shouting Toman's name.

The fight between Wakasa and Inupi is still not over. Inupi asks Waka why he prefers Kantou Manji, when he should be with Senju. 

However, Waka replied that he didn't know anything about it and asked him to ask the figure behind him, which was none other than Benkei.

Tokyo Revengers 250 Spoiler: Senju Dying?

Benkei suddenly hit Inupi's head until he fell. 

Benkei is annoyed that it took Waka a long time to just face someone like Inupi. 

Benkei says that he is not as weak as Waka, so Inupi should be prepared to fight against him. 

Inupi looks in pain and Koko looks worried to see her best friend hurt. 

Koko couldn't say anything as the situation worsened.

Moments move where we see Senju unconscious and lying on the ground. It looks like Senju was hit several times in the head by Haruchiyo, because it was seen that his head was bleeding profusely. 

Senju also seemed to have difficulty breathing, while Sanzu himself did not appear to be injured at all.

Tokyo Revengers 250 Spoiler: Senju Dying?

Senju asked Sanzu to stop the fight. 

Senju admits his mistake and he doesn't want this fight between brothers and sisters to continue. 

Senju was crying and apologized to Sanzu for what happened at that time. 

However, Sanzu didn't seem to care and hit Senju's head with the pipe he was carrying. 

Senju said that Senju knew nothing about what happened that day.

Senju finally lay down and was unconscious after being hit by the blow, and Senju's situation and condition did not appear to be fine. 

The situation turned around where Kantou Manji was now shouting the name of their group, because Sanzu had defeated Senju. 

Takemichi, who was still fighting Kakuchi, seemed unfocused and worried about Senju's condition. 

Will Senju finally die? Will the situation turn around? What exactly did Sanzu mean?

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