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This is the Difference between Mythical Zoan and Ancient Zoan One Piece!

Even though they are both special Zoans, the Ancient Zoans and Mythical Zoans are completely different! What's the difference? 

Check out the explanation in the following article!

1. What is the Ancient Zoan?

The Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit is a branch of the Zoan fruit group.

As the name suggests, the Ancient Zoan is able to turn its user into an animal that has lived in the past!

The examples of Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits that have appeared so far are all in Kaido's group and most have dinosaur powers.

Of the 5 Ancient Zoan users that have been shown, 4 of them are dinosaurs and 1 is a Mammoth.

Since most Ancient Zoan powers come from giant beasts, Ancient Zoan users have so far been shown to have greater physical strength than ordinary Zoans.

No wonder Ancient Zoans are said to be rarer than ordinary Zoans!

2. What is a Mythical Zoan?

If the Ancient Zoan came from an animal that had existed in the past, this Mythical Zoan came from an animal that didn't even exist!

The name is Mythical Zoan, of course the source of their power is mythological animals.

But somewhat different from the other Zoan, Mythical Zoan provides additional power in addition to transforming!

Like Marco for example. Not only turning into a Phoenix, Marco also has the power of regeneration by producing blue flames from his body!

However, the additional powers that a Mythical Zoan user gains can only be used if they are partially or completely transformed into the beast.

So far, only 8 characters have been shown to have Mythical Zoan powers.

Naturally, Mythical Zoan is said to be rarer than Logia!

3. Then what is the difference between Mythical Zoan and Ancient Zoan?

As discussed in the previous explanation, there are some things that clearly distinguish the Ancient Zoan and the Mythical Zoan.

The first difference, the Ancient Zoan's strength comes from animals that actually existed in ancient times.

As for the Mythical Zoan, the source of its power is a figure that comes from a myth! (As the name implies, mythical). 

Not only animals like phoenixes, there are also Zoan whose powers are from gods like Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika.

For this Nika, it seems that she comes from a myth within the world of One Piece.

There may be some real-world mythology that inspired Nika, but the story about her and the characteristics of her rubber body seems specific to the story from the world of One Piece.

But aren't dinosaurs still in Little Garden? Then what about Kaido? Don't dragons really exist in the world of One Piece?

Little Garden is arguably an exception because Little Garden has a slightly different timeline, but it can be seen that most of the dinosaurs in the world of One Piece are already extinct.

Little Garden also confirmed that yes, dinosaurs do exist in the world of One Piece.

As for dragons, keep in mind that the dragons that appear in the world of One Piece are only dragons made by Dr. Vegapunk and even then are different from the dragon Kaido.

The appearance of dragons is also only in anime filler or in other words, not in the official canon story from Oda.

In that case, you could say that dragons never existed in the world of One Piece!

Indeed, there is a story about Ryuma killing a dragon, but it is not yet known whether in this One Piece story the dragon is a real animal. (Like in Monsters).

Or, because Wano in One Piece is different from the country Ryuma visited in Monsters, the dragon was a Devil Fruit eater before Kaido.

The second difference, Ancient Zoan gives the ability to transform into ancient animals while Mythical Zoan adds other abilities for its users.

Like Marco with his regenerating blue flames and Kaido with his shock wave ability, Mythical Zoan grants each user unique abilities.

So not only turning into animals that match their Devil Fruit Zoan, Mythical Zoan users also have super powers!

Indeed, Oda has so far given inconsequential powers to Ancient Zoan users.

For example Queen, King, Sasaki, who have unreasonable attacks.

Even so, the indiscriminate attacks of the Ancient Zoans usually just take advantage of their unique physique.

Meanwhile the Mythical Zoan's power was more fantastic.

Like Kaido who can move through the air with clouds of fire, and even use those clouds to blow Onigashima away. Or Marco who can heal people.

Those are roughly the two important differences between the Ancient Zoan and the Mythical Zoan.

Is anyone still confused? Give your opinion in the comments column below, OK!

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