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8 New Jutsus Appearing in the Boruto Series!

8 New Jutsus Appearing in the Boruto Series!

One of the interesting and extraordinary things about the Naruto series is how we are introduced to various very powerful Jutsus presented by the characters in the story. 

These epic jutsu appear in almost various situations, especially when the shinobi are fighting each other. 

And the Boruto series, which is the sequel, continues that tradition.

Many new great Jutsu are introduced in the story. 

The new jutsu is no less epic than what was presented in the previous series. 

One example is the Jutsu absorption technique from Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

Then, what are the latest Jutsu in the Boruto series that are very extraordinary? 

Here are some of them.

1. Lightning Release: Purple Electricity – Kakashi Hatake

Lightning Release: Purple Electricity – Kakashi Hatake

Hatake Kakashi is one of the shinobi who has and mastered the technique of electric discharge. 

And the various Jutsu that he mastered are usually related to electric discharges.

This is what then makes Kakashi develop his new technique, Purple Electricity. 

This jutsu is basically similar to Chidori.

However, what makes this new Jutsu extraordinary is that there are no harmful side effects like Chidori. 

Kakashi himself created this technique after he lost his Sharingan. 

Although used to attack enemies, Purple Electricity can also be used to produce rain. 

Interestingly, Boruto also learns this technique.

2. Jougan – Uzumaki Boruto

Jougan – Uzumaki Boruto

Jougan is one of the other new Jutsu introduced in the story of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

Jougan is also one of the strongest doujutsu besides the three popular deadly Doujutsu (Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Byakugan). 

This Doujutsu ability is only owned by one person, namely Boruto Uzumaki.

However, even though Boruto is the sole owner of this Doujutsu, speculation among fans is that this Doujutsu is also owned and comes from the Otsutsuki clan. 

The strength of the Jougan itself has not been fully explained, but what is certain is that when activated Boruto can control space and time, and is able to see the location of the weak point of his enemy.

3. Vanishing Rasengan – Uzumaki Boruto

Vanishing Rasengan – Uzumaki Boruto

The Vanishing Rasengan is a modification of the previously existing Rasengan technique. 

This jutsu was created and modified by Uzumaki Boruto. 

Vanishing Rasengan is not only strong, but also able to make the enemy do not expect / do not expect the attack. 

Boruto himself created this Jutsu when he was trying to learn the original Rasengan technique.

However, Boruto actually failed in doing so even though he had tried repeatedly. 

What happened, Boruto actually combined his electric chakra, and accidentally created a Jutsu that was able to stop Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

Boruto was initially only able to make a small version of the Vanishing Rasengan, but after practicing he was able to increase its size.

4. Super-Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan – Uzumaki Naruto

Super-Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan – Uzumaki Naruto

This Super-Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan technique is one of the newest techniques developed by Uzumaki Naruto in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. 

This technique was shown when Naruto fought Delta and although Delta managed to fend off all attacks directed at him, Delta was unable to withstand this attack.

The Super-Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan is a jutsu that can destroy Delta's body, though she later absorbs the technique. 

What's amazing is that after Naruto used it, a crater appeared on the ground which proved the power of the technique. 

And arguably, in terms of size, this is the largest Rasengan ever created by Naruto so far.

5. True Fire of Samadhi – Kashin Koji

True Fire of Samadhi – Kashin Koji

This jutsu is used by Kashin Koji, who is known to be a clone of Jiraiya, as revealed by Amado and Isshiki. 

True Fire of Samadhi itself is a Jutsu that is very similar to the Amaterasu technique. 

The power of this Jutsu is not only terrifying and destructive.

Nothing can stop its flames from burning its target to ashes, neither rain nor wind. 

In addition, any regeneration abilities will not be able to heal the burn or stop the fire before the victim is completely burned. 

This technique is used by Kashin Koji to burn Jigen.

6. Sukunahikona – Isshiki Otsutsuki

Sukunahikona – Isshiki Otsutsuki

Isshiki is the most powerful character in the Naruto universe and is the strongest Otsutsuki introduced so far, surpassing even Kaguya. 

He has a mysterious doujutsu that is not known until now. 

To be sure, the Doujutsu is capable of presenting various terrifying and very powerful techniques. 

One of them is Sukunahikona.

Technically, this Doujutsu allows Isshiki to shrink any inanimate object down to a microscopic size. 

The objects reduced by this technique would then be stored in a dimension, where Isshiki could use them at any time. 

Although it cannot be applied to other human bodies, this technique can be applied to his own body which is what allows Isshiki to stay inside Jigen's body.

7. Claw Marks – Code

Claw Marks – Code

After the death of Isshiki Otsutsuki, Code becomes one of the new threats in the world of Boruto. 

He has a mission of revenge for the death of his "god" Isshiki. 

Code plans to kill Konoha and Naruto, and make Boruto an offering to the Jyuubi. 

Code is known to be a cyborg made by Amado which is extraordinary. 

He has an ability called Claw Marks.

Claw Marks or black belt is an epic ability from Code whose working system is similar to a kind of "trajectory" where as long as the belt is there, Code can emerge from the belt. 

This ability is also used by Code as a way to infiltrate Konoha and meet Amado, as shown in chapter 68 yesterday.

8. Reflection – Daemon

Reflection – Daemon

Reflection is the newest Jutsu introduced in the Boruto series. 

This jutsu is owned by the younger brother of Eida, namely Daemon. 

Reflection itself is a very terrible ability, where every attack that tries to be directed at Daemon will always return to the person who tried to attack it.

This ability is really very terrible and dangerous, because with the Jutsu it means that almost no attacks can injure Daemon. 

So far, the fans themselves are still guessing what could then be the weakness of this Jutsu. 

And we also still don't know the extent of the power of Daemon.

Continuing the success of the Naruto series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brings something new to the fans of the series. 

One of them is the Jutsu used by the shinobi. 

These new Jutsus certainly enrich the mythology of the Naruto franchise, and make this franchise even bigger.

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