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One Piece: Thousand Sunny Cool Features!

One Piece: Thousand Sunny Cool Features!

Known as a series that carries the main theme of pirates, One Piece presents a lot of ships in the story. 

Starting from the navy ship, the ship of the Yonko, to of course the ship used by the Straw Hats, namely the Thousand Sunny. 

The Thousand Sunny is the second ship used by the Straw Hats after the Going Merry.

Franky was the one who made the Thousand Sunny, making it from scratch until the ship was finished and ready for use. 

Crafted from adam wood – the same material used for the Oro Jackson ship – Franky has everything ready for the Straw Hat crew. 

Starting from their respective rooms, to various things that can be considered very "crazy".

Then, what crazy features does the Thousand Sunny have?

Soldier Dock System

One Piece: Thousand Sunny Cool Features!

The Thousand Sunny does not have a large size like other pirate ships or ships belonging to the Yonko.

However, Franky managed to take advantage of almost every corner of the Thousand Sunny.

And one proof of this is the Soldier Dock System. 

This is one feature that many fans are familiar with.

Soldier Dock System is a unique feature where Sunny has a system of docks or compartments that store things. 

There are approximately six rooms that can rotate, and each room has its own advantages. 

Channel Zero is the only room with two interlocking compartments.

Each compartment houses a paddle wheel that can change the Sunny's drive system. 

Franky once used Channel Zero to avoid a big storm. 

However, Franky later changed Channel Zero to accommodate spaces five and six.

The first room is the room where Nami keeps the White Hobby Horse, a toy horse that Nami took while in Jaya. 

Franky later improved it and even added other features. 

The second room is a room to store the mini Merry, a small ship that becomes a miniature of the Going Merry. 

This boat is usually used to carry goods, suitable for traveling around Sunny or used for shopping.

The third room is a room to store the Shark Submerge, a blue submarine that has a shape like a shark. 

The Shark Submerge can accommodate a crew of three. 

Usually used for reconnaissance, or looking for information, or other activities that require silence.

One of the new additions on board the Thousand Sunny is the Black Rhino FR-U 4, a large motorcycle with three wheels. 

This motorbike was used by Franky while in Onigashima, and was even able to hit Big Mom in the face. 

However, what's most interesting about this system is something that is in spaces five and six.

Both rooms are a substitute for Channel Zero or zero room for storing goods. 

If room four stores the lack of Rhino FR-U 4, then room five stores Brachio-Tank 5. 

If the two are combined, then Franky can transform into General Franky. 

While channel six stores a swimming pool that can be used by filling with air.

Various Kinds of Canno

One Piece: Thousand Sunny Cool Features!

Franky is someone who is crazy about guns. 

So, of course it makes sense that later his work will also have a lot of war equipment that is used to either attack the enemy or protect the ship. 

The Thounsand Sunny itself has a variety of interesting cannons.

The first, perhaps the most interesting and the most popular is the Coup de Burst cannon. 

The Thousand Sunny needed three cola barrels to power the large cannon. 

The effect of firing Coup de Burst is that the Sunny is able to fly as long as one kilometer. 

This is a mainstay weapon to get out of a critical situation.

The Coup de Burst cannon is located at the rear of the ship. 

While at the front there is a cannon called the Gaon Cannon or Gaon cannon. 

The cannon itself is hidden in the mouth of the Sunny's head and is capable of firing compressed air and creating devastating effects. 

This cannon was once used to destroy Duval's entire base.

To activate the cannon, it also takes three cola barrels. 

Two other cola barrels are also sometimes needed to fire the Coup de Burst to prevent the Thousand Sunny from crashing backwards when its Gaon cannon is fired. 

And so far the Gaon Cannon has become the Sunny's flagship weapon to defend against the enemy.

The Thousand Sunny was probably just a ship, an immovable object. 

However, Sunny is part of the Straw Hat crew, just like the Going Merry. 

Thousand Sunny has often saved the lives of the Straw Hat crew from various complicated situations, thanks to the advantages of the crazy features above.

We're still waiting to see if Franky will bring other crazy features in the future.

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