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One Piece: Gorosei Know Luffy's Fate?

One Piece: Gorosei Know Luffy's Fate?

The order from the Gorosei to finish off Luffy's life that appears suddenly can be said to be very interesting. 

Does that mean they already know what happened to Luffy? 

Do they already know what will happen in the fight? The Gorosei seem to have had a major change of plans, thus finally ordering agents CP-0 to finish off Luffy.

Chapter 1042 of the One Piece manga series is one of the most epic chapters, where we see the ultimate battle between Kaido and Luffy. 

In the chapter, we saw how Luffy really put all his strength into defeating Kaido. 

Luffy doesn't want Kaido to win and return to power in the Wano region, thus continuing to make the people of Wano suffer.

Kaido himself also seems to really enjoy the fight against Luffy. After 20 years of fighting against Kozuki Oden, Kaido had not yet found an opponent he considered worthy until he met Luffy. 

Even though Luffy had lost several times, he showed extraordinary determination which made Kaido finally respect Luffy.

One Piece: Gorosei Know Luffy's Fate?

Unfortunately, the epic fight between the two finally had to stop after one of the CP-0 members climbed onto the roof. 

He managed to distract from Luffy, who was preparing to block Kaido's attack. With Luffy distracted, finally Kaido can attack Luffy easily. This made Kaido's expression immediately change drastically.

The moment where the Gorosei ordered CP-0 to finish off Luffy, at the time when he was fighting Kaido, it was enough to provoke a lot of questions from fans. 

Why did the Gorosei order that at this time? 

Why didn't they order that after the battle was over? 

Didn't they previously expect Kaido to lose and want to take over Wano's power?

For now, the exact answer to all these questions is still unknown. 

However, there are several possibilities that could answer this question. 

There are several possibilities why the Gorosei ordered to finish off Luffy when the fight against Kaido happened. 

First, the Gorosei party already knew about what had happened.

One Piece: Gorosei Know Luffy's Fate?

We still don't know whether the Gorosei or Im have the ability to see into the future. 

However, they might be able to predict what would happen. 

And although at first they predicted that Kaido's chances of winning were very high, but then they realized that Kaido's chances of winning were slowly running low.

As Kaido points out, whoever wins the battle at Onigashima means they are getting closer to One Piece and Laugh Tale. 

If Luffy then wins the battle against Kaido, it means that Luffy will be getting closer to One Piece and Laugh Tale. 

If Luffy then gets closer to One Piece and Laugh Tale, it means that Luffy will know the secrets of the world that have been kept.

If Luffy already knows the world's stored secrets, then he has the potential to spread it around the world. And the main thing is that Luffy will probably be able to realize what Roger or Joy Boy failed to do before, namely destroying the World Government. 

In essence, with Luffy winning there will be a domino effect that appears and affects their existence and power.

One Piece: Gorosei Know Luffy's Fate?

Of course they don't want that to happen, that's why they then prefer to prevent Luffy from winning than prevent Kaido from winning. 

This action may also be a form of prevention for the Gorosei so that Luffy doesn't meet Shanks again, and reveals the real name of his devil fruit.

As we know, that Luffy is one of the targets of Im Sama to be eliminated besides Blackbeard, Vivi, and Shirahoshi. 

Luffy is considered a serious threat, as he may be considered to have inherited D's will and is also considered the successor of the new Joy Boy. 

Im and the Gorosei might see that now is the right time to finish off Luffy, because otherwise Luffy will bring them "catastrophe".

For now, it looks like the CP-0 side has managed to carry out the orders the Gorosei wanted. 

However, it will certainly be interesting to see what will happen next. 

Will Luffy get back up again? 

Or will all the current battles turn out to be in vain? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter!

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