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5 Saddest Slice of Life Anime You Must Watch

5 Saddest Slice of Life Anime You Must Watch

As the name suggests, slice of life anime usually has a story that is very relatable to everyday life. 

In addition, slice of life anime also often provides many valuable lessons for the audience.

While some slice of life anime combines with comedy to invite laughter, some slice of life anime actually invites tears. 

This time, has summarized the five saddest slice of life anime that are guaranteed to make you tear up. 

Curious what anime? 

Check out the following reviews.

1. A Silent Voice

5 Saddest Slice of Life Anime You Must Watch

With the theme of bullying, A Silent Voice tells the story of a bully who gets his karma. 

However, instead of feeling satisfied, what the bully experienced might make the audience feel sorry for him.

While still in elementary school, Shoya Ishida often bullied his deaf classmate, Shoko Nishimiya. 

Until one day, Shoko's parents suddenly transferred their daughter to another school. 

Even though Shoya isn't the only person bullying Shoko, Shoya is blamed for what happened to Shoko.

As a result, Shoya is ostracized by his schoolmates. 

Even after high school, Shoya was still known as a bully and no one wanted to approach him. 

Now, the only thing he wants is to be reunited with Shoko and apologize.

2. Clannad

5 Saddest Slice of Life Anime You Must Watch

Clannad follows the sad story of a group of people starting from their teens to growing up. 

This anime gives a lesson that unexpected things always happen in life. 

As humans, we can only anticipate the unexpected.

This anime tells of Tomoya Okazaki, a student who always feels that his life is boring. 

However, everything changed when he met Nagisa Furukawa. 

After getting to know Nagisa more deeply, Tomoya finally finds out that Nagisa actually has a deadly disease.

Before time runs out, the only thing Nagisa wants is to revive the drama club at her school. 

Feeling that there is nothing else good he can do, Tomoya decides to make Nagisa's dream come true.

3. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

5 Saddest Slice of Life Anime You Must Watch

What happens if the spirit of someone who has died suddenly comes and demands a promise that you have not kept? 

More or less, that's what happened to Jinta Yadomi and his friends. 

After the sudden death of Meiko Honma or Menma, Jinta and his group begin to separate.

Because of this, Jinta locked himself at home and spent most of his time playing video games. 

One day, Menma's spirit suddenly came to Jinta and asked him to grant a forgotten wish. 

Inevitably, Jinta must reunite his childhood friends so that Menma's spirit can rest in peace.

4. Your Lie in April

5 Saddest Slice of Life Anime You Must Watch

Anime fans must be familiar with this anime title. 

The reason is, Your Lie in April is indeed one of the anime that is often discussed in the anime community. 

This anime itself tells of someone who has lost his loved one many times.

After his mother's death, Kousei Arima can no longer hear the chiming of the piano. 

In fact, Kousei is a child who is quite talented in playing the piano. 

As a result, Kousei finally decided to leave the piano world.

Years later, Kousei meets a violinist named Kaori Miyazono. Kaori's presence completely changes Kousei's life. Slowly, Kaori managed to get Kousei back to playing the piano.

5. Angel Beats!

5 Saddest Slice of Life Anime You Must Watch

Angel Beats! indeed focuses more on how the characters live in the afterlife while slowly revealing the mysteries of the world they live in. 

Even so, you will witness a heartbreaking scene at the end of the series.

This anime tells of Yuzuru Otonashi who goes to the afterlife after he dies. 

There, Otonashi met Yuri Nakamura who claimed to be the head of the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen). 

Yuri offers Otonashi to join the SSS and fight Tenshi. 

Having no other choice, Otonashi joins the SSS while trying to solve the mystery of his death.

Not only full of life lessons, the five anime above also have stories that invite tears. 

If you watch any of the anime above, get ready to burst into tears!

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