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One Piece 1045 Spoiler, Luffy Throws Thorn Fist At Kaido!

One Piece 1045 Spoiler, Luffy Throws Thorn Fist At Kaido!

One Piece 1045 spoilers are circulating among Japanese manga fans.

Fans are enthusiastic about whether there will be a more exciting surprise in the One Piece 1045 spoiler or not.

One of the One Piece 1045 spoilers circulating is about Luffy's new attack technique against Kaido.

This One Piece 1045 spoiler appears from the Twitter account @opJaparo.

The account uploaded a spiked rubber ball.

This upload presents a question mark, whether in One Piece 1045 Luffy will issue a spiked fist at Kaido.

This technique could be the same as the technique Katakuri had shown against Luffy.

Did Luffy intentionally imitate and modify it into a rubber fist to attack Kaido?

The possibility is very wide open considering that Luffy has awakened his devil fruit named Hito Hito no Mi model Nika.

After awakening, Luffy can create various forms and techniques according to his desired imagination.

Therefore, after awakening, Luffy's chances of defeating Kaido are very wide open.

Even Kaido's wish to fight with Joy Boy came true.

It is not impossible that in this fight Kaido finally died at the hands of Luffy who became Joy Boy.

Currently Joy Boy has been reborn in Luffy.

Previously, Oda had displayed Luffy's extraordinary awakening in the previous chapter.

Luffy awakens with an awakening which is named the 5th gear mode.

In 5th gear mode, Luffy easily counters Kaido's attack.

Even Kaido's attacks can be reflected by Luffy in 5th gear mode.

In addition, it shows a little about the power of Luffy's 5th gear mode.

Luffy is able to manipulate the environment around him into rubber.

That's a brief spoiler about One Piece 1045 that has been circulating which must be awaited for the truth.

The official spoiler for One Piece 1045 from Oda will be released in the next few days.

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