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One Piece 1045 Spoiler, Has Three Powers, Luffy's Devil Fruit Becomes the First in the World

Luffy's strength will be confirmed in One Piece 1045, whether he really has the ability to heat the sun.

The reason is, seeing the techniques displayed a few chapters ago, Luffy often uses fire-elemental power to attack Kaido.

It is estimated that this is a hint given by Oda Sensei, Luffy will end the battle against Kaido with this technique in One Piece 1045 or the next chapter.

Oda Sensei also said that it was too common for Luffy to beat Kaido with just a strong punch.

In addition, if you read chapter 1044, it seems certain that the Straw Hats will soon win the battle because of their extraordinary strength.

Coupled with the words of the Gorosei stating that the Straw Hat's power is only limited by his imagination.

This means that his devil fruit allows Luffy to access a huge variety of techniques.

This fact also allows the Straw Hats to explore more diverse moves when beating the yonkou.

It is estimated, Luffy will be able to change his body into his desired shape as needed.

That is, if Luffy has an unlimited imagination, then it is certain that at this time he will be invincible.

One theory even states that this devil fruit is the first in the world, in other words this devil fruit is the ancestor of the devil fruit that has been in the One Piece story.

This theory is based on Luffy's devil fruit which, if classified, can enter all types of Logia, Paramecia, or Zoan.

This devil fruit is said to be Zoan because Luffy's body shape changes in various forms like what happened to the Gear technique.

In addition, Luffy's awakening power is also similar to paramecia, where Luffy turns the ground he touches into rubber.

Even in chapter 1044 Luffy also showed he was able to make him turn into rubber and not just make himself elastic.

Therefore, this devil fruit can be classified as a devil fruit that goes into all types.

However, this is all still speculation which if true might be revealed in One Piece 1045 or the next chapter.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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