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One Punch Man: God Isn't Saitama's Source of Power?

One Punch Man: God Isn't Saitama's Source of Power?

Where did Saitama's power come from? 

That's the big question that arises among One-Punch Man fans which is still unanswered or is still a big mystery. 

Discussing the origins of Saitama's power is always an interesting topic. 

This is because neither ONE nor Yusuke Murata have revealed anything about it.

As we know, Saitama is a unique and interesting character. 

He has a very formidable power where he can destroy anything with just one punch. 

However, that strength was hidden behind his innocent demeanor and expressionless face.

Almost all the enemies that Saitama had faced were destroyed in an instant. 

This is what makes Saitama sometimes reluctant to get involved in the fight against monsters or villains. 

This is also the reason why being a hero is his hobby. 

What's also interesting is that not many people know about the secret of Saitama's mighty power

One Punch Man: God Isn't Saitama's Source of Power?

Only a handful of people know about the power of Saitama, such as Genos, King, and Bang. 

With this tremendous power, of course, everyone wonders, where did Saitama get his power from? 

Actually there are various theories that have emerged among fans regarding this. 

There is a theory that Saitama ate monster meat.

There is also a mention that it is an inheritance from his family. 

There is also a theory which states that Saitama may have been cursed. 

Saitama himself mentioned that the source of his strength comes from the physical exercises he does every day such as push-ups, running, sit-ups, and so on. 

However, other theories regarding the origin of Saitama's power also emerged.

The theory emerged after we were introduced to the figure of God. God is known to be a mysterious and powerful figure. 

God is known to be the one who gave the Homeless Emperor power, before that power was taken back with his life. 

God himself is known to often "invite" people to accept the power he gives.

One Punch Man: God Isn't Saitama's Source of Power?

Based on this, many then believe that the source of Saitama's tremendous power may also come from God. 

The speculation is actually quite reasonable, considering that in the absence of an explanation of the source of Saitama's power, it could be that the source of this power comes from something that cannot be explained such as a gift from God.

However, although the theory or speculation is interesting there are some things that make the theory a little weak. 

First, in Saitama's first encounter with God in the underground monster association headquarters, God had asked Saitama and Flashy Flash to touch the mysterious black box in front of them. 

The goal, to find out whether they deserve to be given power.

The question is, if then the source of Saitama's power really comes from God, why then does God not know Saitama's figure? 

Logically, God would have known or known Saitama as happened to the Homeless Emperor. 

The second point is that God does not give his power to someone without a specific purpose.

One Punch Man: God Isn't Saitama's Source of Power?

From what has been presented in the story so far, God always gives "tasks" to those who are given power by him. 

And usually, the purpose of the power is to be used for criminal acts or acts. 

For example, the power bestowed by God to the Homeless Emperor was meant to avenge those who had hurt him.

God himself said that if then the people who had been given power by him decided to defect or violate what was his goal, then God would be angry and they would immediately receive the punishment as happened to the Homeless Emperor where his life was taken by God because it was considered a failure.

In fact, the opposite happened. 

Saitama has never used his powers for evil, but rather to destroy monsters and villains. 

If indeed Saitama's power comes from God, seeing what Saitama did, of course Saitama should have been punished with his life and strength taken. 

However, it is precisely what happened that Saitama is still alive and exists until now.

So, in conclusion, the power that is possessed does not come from God's gift or the agreement that occurs between God and Saitama. 

It is certain that God and Saitama both do not know each other. After all, even if God knew Saitama's figure – by touching the mysterious black box – God might be surprised by Saitama's power.

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