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One Piece 1045 Release Date: Orochi Kurozumi's Death Confirmed and Luffy's Final Battle with Kaid

One Piece 1045 is scheduled for release on Sunday, April 3, 2022.

Of course, this is something that Japanese Manga readers have been waiting for.

In One Piece 1045 there will be many interesting and spectacular stories about the continuation of the previous chapter.

Meanwhile, the One Piece 1045 spoiler will most likely focus on the Kaido vs Luffy fight.
The battle is the last revival dubbed Gear 5 to be shown in full.

Another further story may also come from the Gorosei regarding his newly renamed devil fruit.

Furthermore, Orochi Kurozumi's death was finally confirmed. It would be a glimpse into the Treasure Hall, where he and Hiyori Kozuki were.

The latter only takes a few lines of dialogue to explain to the reader that the former Shogun of Wano is dead.

Speaking of Wano country, an important plot point that hasn't been discussed for a long time is Kaido's disappearance of the fire cloud after his defeat.

If Momonosuke couldn't drag Onigashima into the sea or create his own fire cloud, then the island would fall into the Flower Capital of Wano.

Given that, Luffy has risen and will probably now defeat Kaido, this is of increasing concern and relevance.

The fallout from a lack of preparation for a Yonko defeat would be, quite literally, deadly in its consequences.

Building on Kaido's alleged imminent defeat, the backstory for the captain of the Beast Pirates has yet to arrive.

Nearly every main villain in One Piece to date has received a backstory, and fans hope Kaido is no different.

Finally, the problem can focus on others, now the irrelevant raid members are still on Onigashima.

This of course can include, but is not limited to Sanji, Zoro, Kid, Law, Nami, Marco, Jinbe, Robin, Brook, and others.

The first four had fulfilled their role in the raid. They were probably too tired to fight any further in any significant way.

Nami and Marco are on the Jump Floor and can start trying to figure out how to escape the island.

Jinbe was last seen rescuing Raizo, who eerily commented that his preparations were complete.

Finally, Robin and Brook have been on the run from agents CP0 for some time now. 

The couple could come back because they couldn't afford it.

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