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Boruto: These 5 Ways Can Stop Daemons?

Boruto: These 5 Ways Can Stop Daemons?

The figure of Daemon is still a mystery to this day in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. 

Just like his older brother, Eida, not much is known about Daemon's figure except his strength. 

Daemon are known to have a powerful power called "Reflection" where every attack that tries to be directed at him will always return to the person who tried to attack.

This ability is truly terrifying, as it means that almost no attacks can injure Daemons. 

In fact, this ability was shown again in chapter 67 yesterday when Kawaki was about to attack Code, which made Kawaki unconscious. 

However, there are several possible ways to defeat Daemons.

1. Using Genjutsu

Boruto: These 5 Ways Can Stop Daemons?

So far, all the attacks that Daemon has shown have successfully returned are physical attacks as well as Jutsu attacks. 

An example of this can be seen when Daemon first appears, where Boro's troops are the ones who are injured by their weapons. 

It's the same with what happened to Kawaki in the latest chapter.

That is, it is not impossible by using the Genjutsu technique the Reflection ability of the Daemon will not work. 

So far there has never been any evidence of this, but with Genjutsu being one of the strongest Jutsus, it feels like the opportunity to be able to defeat Daemon is quite open. 

Sasuke can be a reliable figure for this.

2. Using Fuinjutsu

Boruto: These 5 Ways Can Stop Daemons?

As Eida said that Reflection will work when someone tries to attack Daemon with killing intent. Fuinjutsu or sealing techniques are known to not actually kill the target. 

As the name implies, sealing techniques usually make the target locked or confined somewhere for a certain period of time or forever.

Since there is no intent to kill, it means that this technique can be applied to Daemons. 

The daemon will be locked up in a dimension and stuck there forever, or maybe only for a while. 

Or it could be Daemon will be tortured in the Genjutsu dimension until unconscious.

3. Non-Killing Attack

Boruto: These 5 Ways Can Stop Daemons?

In addition to using Genjutsu or Fuinjutsu, maybe another way is to use Taijutsu techniques or physically attack Daemons. 

However, the attack was not intended to kill him. 

This attack has high destructive power where Daemon may be rendered unconscious. 

An attack like Shinra Tensei in an even more powerful version might be able to stop the Daemon. 

Or maybe use the usual punching technique. It is also possible to use the Gentle Fist technique from the Hyuuga clan to stop the chakra flow.

4. Large-Scale Attack

Boruto: These 5 Ways Can Stop Daemons?

If all of the above techniques don't work, it may mean that the Daemon needs to be stopped with a very large scale attack. 

Perhaps techniques like Bijuu Dama Explosion, Tenga Sensei, or even Chibaku Tensei could be used. 

These techniques will affect the entire area even the people around him.

Until now, we really don't know the limits of the Reflection technique. 

However, it is possible that the larger the scale of the technique used, the smaller the chance for Daemon to be able to reverse the attack. 

Maybe it's not just Daemon that will be killed.

 Even Code and Eida could have died if they used such a powerful technique.

5. Using the Edo Tensei Technique

Boruto: These 5 Ways Can Stop Daemons?

The corpses that are resurrected using the Edo Tensei technique technically will not be able to die again, because they have died before. 

However, they could have lost. 

That's why, by taking advantage of the corpses to fight, at least Daemon will have a lot of difficulty facing strong characters. 

These corpses may also beat or injure Daemon, until he suffers and dies himself.

By using the Reflection technique, Daemon has indeed become an invincible figure. It is very difficult to be able to injure or attack him. 

However, that does not mean that there is absolutely no way to deal with it. 

Of course there is a gap that can be used to be able to finish off Daemon. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter!

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