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5 Old Games That Was Popular in the Past

5 Old Games That Was Popular in the Past

Maybe some of you have played some legendary game titles which unfortunately have been forgotten now. 

Yup, not all big games in the past can maintain their existence until now. 

In fact, not infrequently some of these games are also designed and created by well-known developers.

Well, about what game titles were successful in the past but are now forgotten, huh? Let's see one by one.

1. The Mark of Kri

The Mark of Kri was indeed released on the PlayStation Store to be played on PS4. 

However, in truth, this game is an old game that once triumphed in the era of the PS2 console. 

Unfortunately, not many gamers know about this slick game, even after its release on the PlayStation Store.

With a visual appearance that is quite unique, this game made by San Diego Studio has indeed won an award as one of the best games. 

It's not wrong if at that time, developers got a fairly high financial profit from selling The Mark of Kri around the world.

2. Legend of Legaia

What's with the Legend of Legaia? 

In fact, this one game has become one of the best RPGs of its time. The author also had time to play it on the PS1 console and its sequel on the PS2. 

However, unfortunately, until now there is no clarity about the continuation. 

In fact, many gamers have forgotten this game by Prokion.

As an RPG, Legend of Legaia already comes with a very rich mechanism in its era. 

The fighting style presented in this game is also unique and varied. Not to mention the added plot that is fresh and not monotonous. 

Well, that's why, there are many fans who quite miss and miss his presence again.

3. Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios together with 2K Games have released a big game called Evolve. 

Well, this game itself is an action game that involves two teams at once, namely Hunter and Monster. 

The Hunter will move the character in a first-person shooter or FPS. 

Meanwhile, the monster party will be moved with a third person view.

Despite carrying a grand and exciting theme, this game can be quickly forgotten by gamers around the world. 

The reason is, a year later, a game of the same genre that is considered far more phenomenal appears, namely Dead by Daylight. 

So, have you ever finished Evolve?

4. Black

Black is one of the best FPS game titles ever released for PS2 and Xbox. 

Unfortunately, this game seems to be forgotten and there has never been an original sequel until this moment. 

Marketed in 2006, Black has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide. 

Some of the reasons that make this game superior are the best mechanics and graphics of its era.

Then, are there no developers who are interested in the continuation of this game? 

The answer is there, namely Electronic Arts (EA). 

However, due to a dispute with the licensee, EA finally backed out regularly. 

In the era of PS3 and Xbox 360, a game called Bodycount was made which was predicted to be the successor of Black. 

The result? Failed miserably! 

Many gamers are disappointed with the game and consider it not a sequel to the original.

5. Lost Odyssey

Actually, Lost Odyssey was once a great game title that was slick and unique. 

Yup, it's a JRPG created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Daisuke Fukugawa, two people who are already very famous in the digital game world. 

At that time, the score obtained was also quite high even though it was still inferior to similar games.

However, unfortunately, Lost Odyssey has been completely forgotten and even Mistwalker as the developer is reluctant to make a sequel. 

The exact reason is not known. 

However, there are some gamers who think that a large budget in making JRPGs is still considered unprofitable if developers only focus on Lost Odyssey.

Well, some of these big games have found their glory in the past. 

What do you think? Would you agree to have them revived in the form of a sequel?

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