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Must Watch: These 5 Thriller Genre Anime You Can't Miss!

Must Watch: These 5 Thriller Genre Anime You Can't Miss!

Anime thriller genre is indeed much favored by anime lovers.

Not only does it offer curiosity and tension when watching, the storyline offered is also no less exciting, you know.

For those of you who are also lovers of thriller anime, then these 5 anime series you definitely shouldn't miss, let's see below!

1. B the Beginning

The Netflix original anime, which was released in 2018, not only has a complex plot, but will also keep viewers curious about each episode.

This anime tells about a serial murder case masterminded by a mysterious killer.

This killer was later called Killer B, because he always left the initials in the form of the letter B at the scene of a murder.

The case then catches the attention of Keith Flick, a genius detective who has been missing for a long time.

In order to uncover the mystery behind this case, Keith cooperates with RIS (Royal Investigation Service) and conducts various investigations that turn out to lead them to an even darker mystery.

2. Terror in Resonance


Japan was shocked by the appearance of two terrorists named Nine and Twelve who later disguised themselves as the Sphinx.

Before launching its action, the Sphinx always gave puzzles to the police regarding the location of the bomb. Unlike terrorists in general, the Sphinx never targets a bomb site that is crowded with residents.
Inadvertently, they implicate a girl named Mishima Lisa and attract the attention of a former reliable detective, Shibazaki Kenjiro.

3. Danganronpa: the Animation


The anime adaptation of this game tells the story of Hope's Peak Academy, an elite school filled with top students in their respective fields.

Makoto Naegi, who is known as the 'super lucky student' is very happy to be able to attend school there.

But shortly after entering the academy, Naegi and the other students were trapped and had to kill each other in order to graduate and get out of the academy.

4. Death Note


Anime fans are certainly no stranger to Death Note.

This anime tells about a man named Light Yagami who finds a book called a death note.

As the name suggests, if a person's name is written in the book, then that person will immediately be deprived of his life.

With the book, Light Yagami then began killing other criminals and was widely known as Kira.

On the other hand, a genius detective named L begins to investigate cases of unnatural deaths caused by Light.

5. Another


Not only carrying the thriller genre, Another also carries the horror mystery genre that will make you shudder in horror in every episode.

It all started with the death of a class 3-3 student named Misaki 26 years ago.

Misaki was loved by her friends and teachers so much that her death shocked everyone and decided to act as if Misaki was still alive, even the principal also provided an empty seat for Misaki who had died.

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