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10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

Uzumaki Boruto is the main protagonist in the sequel to the Naruto series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

Although the story of the Boruto series still revolves around and focuses on the shinobi world, what is presented in the shinobi world is very different from what was presented in the previous series. 

For example, regarding the main character in the series, Uzumaki Boruto.

Boruto is known as a genius and strong shinobi. 

This is in contrast to his father, Naruto, when he was a child. 

One of the geniuses of Boruto is how he has mastered several types of Jutsu, despite his very young age. 

Then, what are the strongest Jutsus that Boruto has or has used?

Thunderclap Arrow

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

Boruto is very skilled at using the Electric Discharge technique thanks to the teachings of Sasuke. 

He has proven this several times. 

One of the most powerful Electric Release techniques that Boruto possesses is the Thunderclap Arrow. 

As the name suggests, Boruto will use electric chakra and then shape it into something like an arrow to hit its target. 

This power can also be combined with the Water Release technique to immobilize even more enemies.

Boruto Stream

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

Boruto Stream is a fairly complex Jutsu developed by Uzumaki Boruto himself. 

This technique shows Boruto using two Bunshin or his clones to throw Boruto towards the target while using the Wind Release: Gale Palm technique. 

Thanks to this technique, Boruto's speed will increase drastically. 

Many enemies are unable to match the speed of this technique, and Boruto usually adds another Jutsu to defeat his enemies.

Gentle Fist

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

Boruto is the son of Hinata Hyuuga who is known to have great Taijutsu abilities. 

So it's no wonder then that Boruto also has a capable Taijutsu ability, such as the use of the Gentle Fist technique. 

Even though Boruto doesn't combine it with the Byakugan to make his technique perfect, still Boruto is extraordinary in the use of this technique. 

In the future, if he manages to master his Doujutsu, the Gentle Fist technique used by Boruto will be able to bring any strong enemy to their knees before him.


10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

Shadow Clone Jutsu or Kagebunshin no Jutsu is a technique or Jutsu that is the mainstay of Uzumaki Naruto. 

However, it turns out that this technique was successfully learned by Boruto. 

Even though Boruto is currently still in the ninja academy, he is already able to master this fairly complex technique, which means he is quite extraordinary.

By making clones of himself, Boruto often uses them to deal with powerful enemies. 

That way, the enemy will find it difficult to face Boruto. 

What's also amazing is that these clones of Boruto can use whatever Jutsu they want. 

Even so, it must be admitted that Boruto's Kagebunshin ability is not as great as Naruto's.


10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

In the anime version, Boruto Uzumaki is known to be able to use the Kuchiyose Jutsu or summoning Jutsu. 

Boruto himself is known to be able to summon a giant snake. 

In the Mitsuki Dissapearance arc, Boruto enters into a cooperation contract with Garaga, a giant snake who looks like Aoda. 

Boruto then manages to summon Garaga to appear and assist him in the battle. 

Unfortunately, Boruto is no longer shown using this technique.


10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

Like Kagebunshin, Rasengan is one of the strongest Jutsu that has always been a mainstay of Naruto. 

However, later this technique was passed on to his son, Boruto. Boruto learned this Jutsu from Konohamaru and then he managed to perfect it himself.

This technique shows how chakra is gathered in one place to increase its power. 

The chakra will form a ball and rotate in various directions. 

At high speed, the Rasengan technique will be able to provide tremendous destruction.

Compression Rasengan

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

Compression Rasengan is a very powerful Jutsu as well as one of the types of Rasengan introduced in the series. 

What's unique is that this technique only appears in the anime version of Boruto. 

The Compression Rasengan is an improvement from the Rasengan technique where Boruto will compress or suppress the Rasengan he made, causing a more lethal effect.

With high compression, this Rasengan can destroy almost a variety of strong defenses and even paralyze a variety of powerful enemies. 

Despite being one of the most powerful techniques, Boruto still requires a lot of practice for this technique to be used perfectly.

Vanishing Rasengan

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

The Vanishing Rasengan is a modification of the previously existing Rasengan technique. 

This jutsu was created and modified by Uzumaki Boruto. 

Vanishing Rasengan is not only strong, but also able to make the enemy do not expect / do not expect the attack. 

Boruto himself created this Jutsu when he was trying to learn the original technique of the Rasengan.

However, Boruto actually failed in doing so even though he had tried repeatedly. 

However, what happened was that Boruto combined his electric chakra, and accidentally created a Jutsu that was able to stop Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

For ordinary shinobi, it will be very difficult to be able to do or master it. 

However, Boruto was able to master it in no time.

Karma Rift

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

For now, in the Boruto series, Karma is the most powerful Jutsu presented in the story. 

The Karma Seal itself was shown to be on Kawaki and Boruto's bodies, which was done by Momoshiki and Isshiki Otsutsuki. 

The Karma Seal, as described by Code, is able to increase the strength and fighting ability of the person.

In addition to increasing strength, Karma can also provide other powerful abilities such as the Karma Rift technique. 

Basically, this technique allows Boruto to open a portal to another dimension. 

However, to be able to do so, Boruto needs Kawaki who has chakra from Isshiki. 

During the fight against Isshiki, Boruto uses this power to transport Isshiki to another dimension.

Lightning Release: Purple Electricity

10 of Boruto's Strongest Jutsu!

As mentioned at the beginning, Boruto is known to be very good at various Jutsu from the Electric Release technique. 

It's all thanks to Boruto learning from Sasuke's figure. 

One of the techniques that Boruto learns is Purple Electricity. 

This jutsu is similar to Chidori, it's just that there are no side effects that appear like Chidori.

Purple Electricity is a Jutsu created by Kakashi Hatake, and allows the user to shoot lightning from their arms with tremendous power. 

Boruto has been shown several times using this technique.

Uzumaki Boruto is known as a fairly strong shinobi thanks to his mastery of various Jutsu, despite his young age. 

The various powerful Jutsu above are examples. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see how Boruto's abilities will be in the future, if we pay attention to how Boruto is currently extraordinary.

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