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One Piece: Zoro Will Have A Sword Made Specially For Him?

One Piece: Zoro Will Have A Sword Made Specially For Him?

Throughout the One Piece series that has been running for more than two decades, Roronoa Zoro is shown to have changed swords several times. 

The replacement of the sword usually occurs because it is destroyed or damaged. 

Before Zoro mastered Haki, he often broke his sword while resisting an opponent's attack. 

And that's the reason why Zoro learned Haki during the time-skip.

Although Zoro often destroys his sword, Zoro often gets a replacement. 

For example, when in Thriller Bark Zoro had time to get a Shusui sword. 

And then in the Wano arc, Zoro got a new sword, namely Oden's Enma as a sword in exchange for Shusui. 

The question then is whether Zoro will get a new sword after that?

Many fans speculate that Zoro might get another new sword after the Wano arc is over. 

There are two possibilities that did happen. 

First, Zoro's sword array is Shusui, Wado Ichimonji, and Enma. 

There is an interesting detail that shows Zoro's final sword arrangement after the Wano arc ended.

One Piece: Zoro Will Have A Sword Made Specially For Him?

Welcoming chapter 1000 yesterday, Oda Sensei released a special cover image. In the picture, Zoro, Nami, and Luffy are seen wearing typical pirate clothes. 

If you pay close attention, Zoro will indeed have three swords. The swords are Wado Ichimonji, Enma, and Shusui.

Isn't Shusui already Wano's treasure? 

Interesting statements from Kawamatsu and Hyogoro have to do with the reason why Shusui returned to Zoro's hands. 

They think that Zoro is very similar to Shimotsuki Ryuma, who incidentally is Wano's protector. 

And Zoro is currently struggling to save Wano. 

That is, after the battle in Onigashima was over, the residents of Wano already considered Zoro as the successor of Ryuma or the second Ryuma.

Considering how Oda Sensei often presents clues in his story, all of this is certainly not a coincidence. 

With "confirmation" that Zoro has similarities to the Shimotsuki clan, especially Ushimaru and Ryuma, on the other hand the residents of Wano and Gyukimaru will agree to give Shusui's sword to Zoro because he is already considered a great hero.

One Piece: Zoro Will Have A Sword Made Specially For Him?

Then, besides Shusui, the second possibility of Zoro's sword combination in the future is Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Shodai Kitetsu. 

According to existing records, Shodai Kitetsu is one of the cursed swords that is included in the 12 swords with the highest level (12 Saijo O Wazamono).

Shodai Kitetsu's swords are considered to have the same reputation as Whitebeard's Yoru and Murakumogiri. 

The Shodai Kitetsu sword is believed to be a sword owned by one of the members of the Gorosei, where one of its members is always seen carrying a sword. 

As we know, the World Government will probably be the last opponent of the Straw Hat crew.

That is, they will face off against the Gorosei. 

And Zoro will have the opportunity to face the figure of the grandfather. 

His fight against one of these Gorosei will probably be one of the most intense battles in the future, although we still don't know what his strength will be.

Zoro Has His Own Sword?

One Piece: Zoro Will Have A Sword Made Specially For Him?

Although having the various swords above is something very extraordinary, but of course it would be much more epic if Zoro did have a sword that was purposely made especially for him.

So, the arrangement of Zoro's swords is Wado Ichimonji, Shodai Kitetsu, and a sword made especially for Zoro.

This sword may also be made by Tenguyama Hitetsu or there may be other sword makers. 

This special sword for Zoro doesn't need a perfect level sword. 

The sword can be at high level or Great Grade. Even so, everything about the sword was deliberately created to fit Zoro. 

And later Zoro himself will perfect the sword.

In fact, it is not impossible that Zoro will make his special sword into a black sword as well. 

So the three swords owned by Zoro at the end of the series will represent three things. 

First, Wado Ichimonji's sword will represent the figure of Kuina. 

Second, Kitetsu's sword will represent Wano. And lastly is a special sword that does represent itself.

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