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Chainsaw Man: Is Makima Really Dead?

Chainsaw Man: Is Makima Really Dead?

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular shonen manga series today, and its popularity is still increasing. 

The story itself focuses on the figure of Denji, who has to live two lives at once, namely as a schoolboy and also as a devil hunter. 

However, apart from Denji, the fans were also introduced to the figure of Makima.

Makima is a figure who is close to the figure of Denji. 

In fact, you could say Denji is Makima's "pet". 

However, at the end of the first part, Denji is shown killing Makima in a brutal way. 

Even so, the fans themselves wonder if Makima is really dead despite his immense strength?

Makima Can't be Killed

Chainsaw Man: Is Makima Really Dead?

Was Makima dead? 

The answer is yes, the Makima we know is dead. 

However, as we all know, Makima was then reincarnated into the figure of Nayuta without any memories or memories of Makima.

However, there is something that all you need to understand regarding this death from Makima.

The life cycle of the devil in the Chainsaw Man story as well as the contracts they make must be admittedly a bit confusing for fans. 

Makima was already dead, but due to the contract she made, she couldn't be killed. 

Makima had previously made a cooperation contract with the Prime Minister.

This makes all the wounds received by Makima will be transferred to a Japanese resident at random. 

Not only injuries, her death will also be transferred to one of the Japanese residents at random. 

It is because of this contract that Makima – or Control Devil – is able to reincarnate many times in the series.

It is known, Makima has been successfully killed by Chainsaw Devil 26 times. 

It also raises the assumption that Makima is almost unkillable. 

Her ability as a Control Devil makes her abilities increase and becomes a difficult enemy to beat.

Makima's Death and Reincarnation

Chainsaw Man: Is Makima Really Dead?

When the Katana Man/Sawatari Group attacked the Devil Hunters, Team C of the group managed to shoot Makima in the back of the head. 

And he was declared dead as a result of it. 

However, again, due to the contract he made, the Control Devil managed to reincarnate again without any side effects. 

He even derided the moment and thought it was not something important.

Later in the attack on Gun Devil, Makima was even killed several times due to attacks from Gun Devil. 

In that moment it was later discovered that the figure of "Makima" had been declared dead 29 times.

That is, in fact the figure of "Makima" or Devil Control has very often been declared dead. 

Maybe more than 100 times. 

However, due to the effect of the contract he had made, the Devil Control was able to return to life as if nothing had happened.

And finally, in the final battle against the Chainsaw Devil, the figure of "Makima" was killed 26 times.

This means that Makima's death rate is already very high. 

Denji even completely immobilized Makima twice in their last fight, but again she couldn't die.

Death of "Makima"

Chainsaw Man: Is Makima Really Dead?

Knowing that Makima can't be killed in a normal way or in a normal way, Denji devises a plan. 

Denji creates himself in a fake version, by separating Pochita from himself. 

Denji managed to do this temporarily by using the blood from Power. 

When the opportunity arose, Denji then slashed Makima with the help of a chainsaw he made himself from Power's blood, which weakened her. 

Realizing that physical attacks will not be enough to kill Makima, Denji finally does something that can be considered very crazy. 

He then ate Makima by processing it into food.

What's interesting is that by eating Makima, the effect of the contract that is usually able to make Makima reincarnate actually stops.

How then does eating Makima really “kill” the Control Devil? 

Denji himself said that by eating Makima, he actually "unified" with the figure of Makima. 

Denji admitted that his actions were due to his deep love for Makima.

Kishibe himself then explains that Denji's plan may have worked to actually kill Makima, due to specific rules in Makima's contract or it was purely by accident.

Makima's Reincarnation as Nayuta

Chainsaw Man: Is Makima Really Dead?

Based on the explanation of some of the points above, it needs to be emphasized again that the figure of Makima who has been present in the Chainsaw Man story has been declared dead when Denji ate it.

However, as a Control Devil, he was reincarnated again. 

This time, the figure was reincarnated as Nayuta. 

Nayuta himself is known to come from near the territory of China.

Nayuta is really shown as a new person, where she has absolutely no memories as the figure of Makima. 

There are several things to understand about the life cycle of these devils. 

The devils in the Chainsaw Man series can indeed be killed, but not in a literal sense. 

They may return to life in hell after they die, or they may return to life on earth if they die in hell.

The devils who are reborn will lose their memories from their previous life. 

For Makima's case, she probably managed to rise in hell after she died on earth. 

However, she also likely died in hell because of the evidence that she was reincarnated on earth as Nayuta's figure.

How then could the figure of “Makima” be quickly reborn on earth? 

How then could Devil Control die while she was in hell? 

All of that for now is still a mystery. 

Maybe this question will be answered in the second part, which is planned to be released in mid-2022.

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