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One Punch Man: Is There Any Opponent That Can Match Saitama's Strength?

One Punch Man: Is There Any Opponent That Can Match Saitama's Strength?

One big question that often arises among One-Punch Man fans is whether there is a figure or character who can match Saitama's strength. 

Since the beginning of the series being introduced – in the manga and anime versions – we have been introduced to the figure of Saitama who has powers beyond reason. 

He was able to destroy anything with just one hit.

Starting from asteroids, aliens, and even monsters whose strength level cannot be faced by other heroes, Saitama can easily destroy them. 

This is what makes Saitama himself admit that he is bored. 

He wants to find a challenge that makes him have to put all his strength and ability, which only happens in his dreams.

However, with Saitama's extraordinary strength, of course, it makes us think that it is impossible for anyone to match his figure. 

However, this also raises the question of whether there really is no person who can match Saitama? 

Has Saitama become an unbeatable character?

In chapter 153 yesterday, fans were surprised by the appearance of the figure of God. 

In the chapter, it is shown how he took the life and power of the Homeless Emperor. 

God himself is a character that is still very mysterious to this day. 

God himself first appeared in chapter 115 in the flashback moment of Homeless Emperor.

One Punch Man: Is There Any Opponent That Can Match Saitama's Strength?

It was only in chapter 153 that we saw the physical figure of God and at the same time saw the awesomeness of the God figure. 

Although we still don't know what the power of God is like, but from the story we can see that God is able to give power to anyone he wants. 

Then, he was also able to take someone's life with ease.

Then, in yesterday's chapter 157 we saw how Blast went to another dimension to help other greatest heroes defeat a mysterious enemy. 

In the previous article it was mentioned that there is a possibility that the enemy that the heroes from various dimensions are facing is the figure of God, judging from the awesomeness of his power.

Can God then become a figure that can match or even surpass Saitama's strength? 

If viewed in general terms, with the abilities possessed, God is certainly a figure who is able to face Saitama. 

It has also been shown a little of how God's power is, by being able to give superpowers to others or take the lives of others.

Saitama is known to not be able to give strength to others, but he can take or kill someone's life especially with a powerful punch. 

One Punch Man: Is There Any Opponent That Can Match Saitama's Strength?

However, Saitama's level of power is almost the same as God's. 

The proof of this is Saitama is able to destroy the enemy with one hit, he can survive in outer space without oxygen, and many other things.

Everything that happened to Saitama certainly made no sense, when compared to the other heroes. 

That is, the tremendous power possessed by saitama can be equal to or maybe slightly below God. 

Until now, it is not known from the time of the origin of the power of Saitama.

Many fans then theorize about this. 

One interesting theory is that there is a possibility that Saitama had previously met God, and that God then bestowed the tremendous power he now has on Saitama, as he did with the Homeless Emperor. 

If indeed Saitama's power comes from God, it means that God can take back that power.

Another theory states that Saitama's power appears after he destroys the limiter he has. 

That way, the greatest potential in him was opened. 

Regardless of which theory is true that can explain the origin of Saitama's power, one thing that can be assumed from this discussion is that Saitama may have finally met a person who can make him have to put all his abilities.

God will probably be the "last opponent" faced by Saitama at the end of the series, when there are no more monsters he can fight. 

The “serious” battle between Saitama and God will be the most epic battle in the series, which fans will definitely be looking forward to. 

What do you think?

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