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One Piece: Big Mom's Heyday is Over?

One Piece: Big Mom's Heyday is Over?

The fight between Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid against Big Mom in the battle at Onigashima in the Wano Country arc presents something extraordinary, besides the epic battle between Luffy and Kaido. 

As is known, the previous chapter showed how the five Worst Generations managed to separate Kaido and Big Mom.

The goal is for them to more easily defeat both of them. 

The fight between Big Mom against Law and Kid actually didn't go well at first, because Big Mom was so domineering. 

However, both of them then use their latest abilities which are the result of awakening from the devil fruit they have.

The effect was quite felt by Big Mom, where she was badly injured. 

However, Big Mom managed to get back up and used the power of Soru Soru to double her power. 

This made Law and Kid again have to be overwhelmed with Big Mom, as shown in chapter 1039 yesterday. 

In fact, Big Mom did not forgive the two and continued to beat them.

One Piece: Big Mom's Heyday is Over?

However, what's interesting is that they then bounced back and didn't give up to beat Big Mom. 

The communication and interaction between Kid and Law is indeed quite interesting in this battle, where both of them don't want to take orders, even though their cooperation is arguably very effective in making Big Mom lose.

Does that mean Big Mom has lost? Although it can't be 100% certain, seeing Big Mom's condition which is quite severe, there is a high possibility that this is the end of their fight. 

This victory provides more motivation for both, where they will become serious rivals for Luffy's figure in the future.

Over the past 20 chapters, Oda Sensei has hinted at a major change in this raid and we will see a new generation of pirates rise up and win the battle against the old generations. 

And the dialogue that was presented in chapter 1039 yesterday was mostly about this. 

Big Mom mentions that the Yonko have been around for a long time, but Kid and Law are planning to destroy all of them.

One Piece: Big Mom's Heyday is Over?

What needs to be noted is that Big Mom may have lost after two consecutive attacks from the awakening Jiki Jiki no Mi and Ope Ope no Mi, but Big Mom has not completely lost. 

Big Mom is one of the Yonko, and we can see what the qualities of a Yonko are like from Kaido's figure. 

Law and Kid may also realize that their attacks are not enough to completely stop Big Mom's figure.

We can see how Big Mom was able to recover – and even increase her abilities – using her life ration, just like she did before. 

This means that it is not impossible that he will do the same thing again. 

Does it mean that Big Mom's life ration will be reduced a lot?

Geeks of course already know that Big Mom often takes other people's lives. 

For example, taking a little bit of soul from the residents who live in Totto Land. 

Or maybe forcibly taking the souls of other people around him. Even so, it is still unknown whether these souls can also be added to Big Mom.

One Piece: Big Mom's Heyday is Over?

Assuming that Big Mom is able to add back the life rations that she had used to heal herself, Law seems to be really trying to make Big Mom no longer able to heal herself by using the life rations she has. 

Law seems not only planning to defeat Big Mom, but also preventing her from recovering.

How then did Law use Kroom and stab Big Mom, even to the point of creating a hole in Onigashima, it seems that this was deliberately done so that Big Mom could no longer heal herself. 

Not to mention Kid then used his epic attack to destroy Big Mom.

Big Mom's condition is probably unconscious at this time. 

He wouldn't be able to control Prometheus or Hera like before. 

Based on that, even though Big Mom had not lost completely, this battle was already over. 

Law and Kid are the winners.

One Piece: Big Mom's Heyday is Over?

On the other hand, since Big Mom hasn't lost completely, maybe she'll bounce back or seek revenge. 

Many fans assume that the story of Big Mom will be continued in the next arc, which is believed to be Elbaf. 

That's where Big Mom will finish what was previously unresolved with the Straw Hats.

By successfully defeating Big Mom, does it mean that Law and Kid are already Yonko? 

As has been discussed in other articles, being a Yonko means that they must have territory and must also have a large fleet. 

Law and Kid may have managed to beat Big Mom, but Big Mom's Yonko status probably won't be lost.

We can also see this from Kaido, where previously he had been defeated seven times. 

However, he is still considered a dangerous Yonko and also the most powerful being in the world. 

This gives Law and Kid its own opportunity to be able to continue to grow, just like Luffy.

One Piece: Big Mom's Heyday is Over?

Both of them could be on the same level as the Yonko, just like Luffy, so that in the future fights against Big Mom or other Yonko, there will be no 2-on-1 scenario.

It is likely that Big Mom will be saved by her children, who are still around the Wano entrance. 

They might rush in and save Big Mom from the World Government. 

Big Mom's own reputation has been destroyed with Luffy who managed to infiltrate Totto Land, and the defeat of Law and Kid will only add to Big Mom's bad image.

In conclusion, Big Mom's defeat could be a big hint of the rise of a new era of pirates. 

Besides, this loss might not be everything. 

Big Mom will rise again, and she will avenge everything in Elbaf. 

What the World Government fears might happen is the destruction of the world's balance. 

Let's just wait, geeks what will happen next in the next chapter.

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