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One Piece: The Development of Clima Tact, Nami's Mainstay Weapon!

One Piece: The Development of Clima Tact, Nami's Mainstay Weapon!

Each of the Straw Hat crew has a role and unique characteristics. 

Being a strong figure in terms of physical strength is not something that is an advantage of Nami. 

This can indeed backfire for Nami, considering that the world in the One Piece series requires strength to survive enemy attacks or other obstacles.

To help her in the fight, Nami then has a tool called the Climate Baton or Clima-Tact or weather stick. 

As we know, Nami is very good at navigation or weather. Without Nami, maybe Luffy wouldn't be able to be in Wano. 

Interestingly, Nami's Clima-Tact has undergone several developments.

Climate Baton (Clima-Tact)

One Piece: The Development of Clima Tact, Nami's Mainstay Weapon!

Clima-Tact was first introduced in the story when the Straw Hats arrived in Alubarna in the Alabasta arc. 

Usopp created Climate Baton at Nami's request. 

Usopp himself later developed the Clima-Tact based on an ordinary wooden stick that Nami previously had. Each baton has its own button.

Pressing the button will create bubbles that have a certain effect. 

Connecting them can also give rise to special effects. Because at first Usopp thought that Nami wanted this Baton Climate for other reasons, there are not many powerful abilities that are presented from this Baton Climate.

Although most of the functions of Climate Baton are barely usable in combat, Usopp himself installed one function that turned out to be useful in combat: Tornado Tempo. 

Using this technique makes the enemy will be bound and unable to move. 

This baton can also make enemies seriously injured when launched at high speed. 

Combined with Nami's intelligence, she was finally able to use the Clima-Tact to manipulate the weather.

Perfected Climate Baton (Perfect Clima-Tact)

One Piece: The Development of Clima Tact, Nami's Mainstay Weapon!

In the Skypiea arc, Usopp also finds something interesting called Dials. 

Dials are shell-shaped objects, but have many functions such as being a weapon or absorbing enemy attacks. 

Usopp then increased the strength of Nami's Clima-Tact by utilizing the remaining Dials, after which he also increased the power of his catapult.

Usopp removes all features that are not useful in battle with various functions that can help Nami fight, especially those related to Nami's ability to manipulate the weather. 

Perfect Clima-Tact is similar to the first Clima-Tact, except that there are additions such as ball ornaments at each end. 

Even so, with its immense power, Perfect Clima-Tact became difficult to control.

Sorcery Climate Baton (Sorcery Clima-Tact)

One Piece: The Development of Clima Tact, Nami's Mainstay Weapon!

Unlike the first Clima Baton, for this Sorcery Climate Baton, Nami made it herself when she trained for two years at Weatheria. 

He applied what he learned while there with various weather technologies from Weatheria, and eventually created Sorcery Climate Baton. 

This weather stick really exceeds the capabilities of the previous two sticks, especially in terms of function for fighting.

Sorcery Clima Baton then regained his strength when Nami reunited with Usopp after the time-skip. 

Not only that, Franky also helped improve the ability of the stick. Franky and Usopp also apply what they learned earlier to Nami's wand.

The result was the Sorcery Climate Baton being Nami's strongest weapon. 

There are some functions that are omitted in this version, where Nami no longer needs to separate or unite her wands. 

Nami can now enlarge or lengthen her wand at will.

Sorcery Clima Baton has yet another power-up!

This time it took place in the battle at Onigashima in the Wano arc. 

In the battle one of Big Mom's Homies, Zeus, is shown joining or deciding to help Nami by merging in this stick.

Zeus himself has actually managed to become Nami's since the Whole Cake Island arc, where it was shown Nami kidnapped him from Big Mom. 

However, after having returned to Big Mom's hands, Zeus finally chose to be with Nami after Big Mom made another Homies, Hera. 

One of the new abilities shown is how the Sorcery Clima-Tact is able to transform into anything, thanks to the figure of Zeus. For example, when Nami made Ulti unconscious.

Clima Baton, which is Nami's mainstay weapon, has been around for a long time, and has undergone significant developments. 

With the Sorcery Clima-Tact being the strongest version of all, Nami finally experienced an increase in strength.

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