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One Piece: Is it Important to Master Haki?

One Piece: Need to Master Haki?

Haki is one of the two great powers in the world of One Piece. 

Even though devil fruit is the main power system and the first to be introduced in the series, Haki then followed and since then Haki is also closely related to the story. 

The ability Haki was first introduced by Shanks, in the first chapter of the series.

At that time, Shanks used Conqueror Haki to intimidate one of the sea monsters who wanted to eat Luffy. 

However, new Haki abilities were really introduced and explained to fans in the first half of the series. 

When Rayleigh decided to train Luffy, Haki then began to be explained to fans as a new power.

Due to the complexity of Haki, not everyone is able to awaken the power of Haki. 

Haki and its various types have become commonplace in the New World. 

However, with Haki that has often appeared in the story raises a question. 

Does one need to learn Haki?

Haki Before Time-Skip

One Piece: Is it Important to Master Haki?

To truly understand the importance of Haki in the story, fans need to look back to when none of the Straw Hats had mastered this ability. 

On several occasions, Luffy was shown to use Haki abilities, but Luffy only really could control his abilities after training with Rayleigh.

The word "Haki" itself is often mentioned to measure the extent of one's willpower. 

When Shanks set foot on Whitebeard's ship, Shanks' "power of will" or Haki was highly praised by Whitebeard's crew. 

It's very clear that Oda seems to be making Haki something important, constantly mentioning the power of willpower and the importance of one mastering Haki to distinguish their qualities from others.

When the Straw Hats arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago, the importance of Haki then began to be really highlighted in the story. 

The Straw Hats were nearly crushed to death on the island, when they were unable to deal with Admiral Kizaru's Logia power. 

Or how they were overwhelmed in the face of the Pacifista.

In fact, Sentomaru who has the ability Armament Haki makes Luffy unable to do much in battle. 

This moment was a sign that the Straw Hat crew needed to increase their strength. Unfortunately, they had to separate. 

However, their separation turned out to be a blessing in itself because in the end they also practiced, including practicing Haki abilities.

How then Silvers Rayleigh went to meet Luffy and discuss about training Luffy's Haki abilities, giving clear clues that Haki is needed to reach the pinnacle of pirate level. 

According to Rayleigh, without the Haki ability, Luffy would be able to be defeated easily.

Haki in New World


After the time-skip, some of the Straw Hat crew such as Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji returned from their training. 

And one of the things they learn is the power of Haki. 

It didn't take long for fans to see the third level increase. 

The Pacifista, which previously became a big problem, was actually considered trivial by Luffy. 

Luffy was able to destroy the Pacifista with just one attack.

This shows the big difference made by Luffy when he mastered Haki. 

The power of Haki is also an important asset for pirates who want to go to the New World.

The reason is, in an area full of powerful pirates, the ability to Haki has become something that everyone must have.

Without the ability Haki, one would not last long in the New World. 

As mentioned by Don Chinjao, in order to be in the top ranks one must fight against various opponents who are also strong. 

In New World there are many types of Haki users, and they also master various types of Haki. An example is the Yonko.

Eiichiro Oda certainly doesn't necessarily present Haki abilities just to make a pirate look because of his abilities. 

Haki is considered an important power for a pirate to possess. 

Luffy Haki

There are some things that cannot be matched without the power of Haki. 

For example the power of a devil fruit or even a direct attack.

More importantly, Conqueror Haki became a sign of whether one was indeed a conqueror, someone extremely strong and full of potential. 

Without the ability of Conqueror Haki, no one would pay attention to them even if they firmly said about their dream to become a pirate king.

So, in conclusion, Haki is a very important power and cannot be underestimated. 

In order to realize any big dream, such as becoming the pirate king or finding One Piece, one must master the ability of Haki.

Without Haki abilities, it felt like they would be easily defeated by pirates with much stronger power levels.

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