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One Punch Man: God's Birth Moment Revealed!

One Punch Man: God's Birth Moment Revealed!

After briefly appearing, finally the figure of God began to appear physically in the One-Punch Man manga series. 

Initially, God appeared in the form of a shadow only in chapter 109, in a flashback that recounts the moment where the Homeless Emperor gains power from God. 

God then reappeared in the Monster Association arc.

The appearance of God has inevitably become a hot topic for fans. 

This is because there are many big question marks related to the figure of God. 

Neither Yusuke Murata nor ONE have provided a complete explanation of who the real God is. 

Is he really a “god”? Or is he a creature from another planet?

One Punch Man: God's Birth Moment Revealed!

The figure of God is again the talk of the fans, after his figure appeared physically in chapter 153 yesterday. 

This chapter shows how Zombie Man wants to ask the Homeless Emperor about the origin of his power. 

However, just as the Homeless Emperor was about to answer, he saw a terrifying figure emerge from behind the darkness of the moon.

The figure turned out to be God. God is a mysterious figure who gives strength to several characters, such as the Homess Emperor. 

Hints about the figure of God appeared in chapter 115.5 (chapter 115 which was redrawn by Yusuke Murata), where in the chapter it was shown that there is an ancient altar under the headquarters of the monster association.

One Punch Man: God's Birth Moment Revealed!

The ancient altar that was underground was first discovered by Gyoro Gyoro. 

On the altar there is a mural or picture showing an ancient figure, which is similar to Gyoro Gyoro. 

On the mural there is also an ancient inscription that reads “by passing through various times, our gods will rise again on this earth. When there are extraordinary offerings made on the altar”.

Based on this, it can be concluded that the figure of God is indeed destined to be reborn if someone makes an offering or there is a container that is considered worthy. 

Then, how then does God know that someone is considered worthy to be a vessel for God's appearance or as an offering?

This is known when God's voice appears in the cave, where Flashy Flash and Saitama are trapped. 

God asked both of them to hold the black box that appeared and was on the ground. 

After that, God would judge whether they were a suitable vessel or sacrifice or not. If they were suitable containers, then they would be given power by God.

One Punch Man: God's Birth Moment Revealed!

However, if the opposite happened, they would be punished. 

Maybe this is the reason why then God disguised himself as Blast and tried to make Tatsumaki get his power. 

Tastumaki is a strong figure, so he can be a powerful vessel for God and become an extraordinary offering.

However, some characters such as Vaccine Man, Psykos-Orochi, and Homeless Emperor have to experience bad luck. 

The power they get from God is considered still not enough to prove themselves worthy to be a vessel or offering for his emergence. 

As a result, it wasn't just their power that was pulled back. 

Their lives must also be lost, as shown by Homeless Emperor in chapter 153 yesterday.

This may also be the reason why not everyone can see God. So far, only those who have obtained God's power or those who have become offerings to God have been able to see and communicate with God. 

Again, Homeless Emperor is an example of this.

In chapter 153, he was the only one who saw God's figure on the moon and also he was the only one who was invited to the "garden" where God and the Homeless Emperor faced each other. 

The big question that then arises from this is what is the main purpose of the reappearance of the God figure on earth?

God seems destined to be reborn on earth, but for what? This is still a mystery to this day. 

Does God want to destroy the earth? 

Does God want to create chaos on earth. For now, fans can only speculate on this. 

Hopefully Yusuke Murata and ONE will also provide clarity regarding the figure of God in the near future.

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