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One Piece: Oda Names Nami and Zoro's Devil Fruits!

One Piece: Oda Names Nami and Zoro's Devil Fruits!

The power of the devil fruit is indeed one of the sources of strength in the One Piece series. 

There are many characters in the story who have devil fruit powers, such as the figure of Monkey D. Luffy who is the main protagonist in the series. 

Luffy is always shown to have aspirations to become a pirate, and goes to the last island to find One Piece.

However, to be able to realize his dream Luffy must face various obstacles. 

Like fighting other pirates, the navy, even the Yonko. 

Luckily Luffy has strong strength and the ability of the Gomu Gomu devil fruit, where thanks to the devil fruit Luffy can have a body and other limbs that are flexible like rubber.

Even so, fans themselves hope that there are several other characters who also have devil fruit powers.

In the Straw Hat pirate crew itself, it is known that only four people have the power of the devil fruit.

One Piece: Oda Names Nami and Zoro's Devil Fruits!

They are Luffy, Brook, Chopper, and Robin. What if the rest of the Straw Hats have devil fruit abilities?

This was also answered by Oda Sensei in the SBS Volume 98 column yesterday. 

In the SBS column, a fan asked Oda Sensei what devil fruit is suitable for the rest of the Straw Hat crew to eat who don't have devil fruit powers. 

Oda Sensei then answered that the question was interesting and then confirmed the answer.

According to Oda, Roronoa Zoro is suitable for consuming the devil fruit Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. On the other hand, Nami feels it is suitable to consume Goro Goro no Mi. 

Usopp himself is considered suitable for consuming Poke Poke no Mi, while Sanji consumes Sui Sui no Mi.

One Piece: Oda Names Nami and Zoro's Devil Fruits!

Finally, Franky is considered suitable for consuming the Buki Buki no Mi. Usopp getting the Poke Poke no Mi devil fruit is indeed considered suitable because with the power of his devil fruit which allows the user to put anything in a bag that has no limits, Usopp can put whatever he needs, such as Pop Greens bullets.

In addition, considering that Usopp is a creative person who often creates things, with this devil fruit Usopp can put more or more objects that are used in battle. 

And this of course can help Usopp or the rest of the crew.

Franky's acceptance of Baby 5's Buki Buki no Mi devil fruit is also considered quite reasonable. 

With his cyborg body, as well as abundant weaponry, there is no need for much more explanation as to why Franky was deemed fit to receive the devil fruit. 

Then Nami's devil fruit is the Goro Goro no Mi, which allows the user to control the power of lightning.

This is of course considered in accordance with his fighting style, because even now Nami has a Clima-Tact that allows her to control the weather and create lightning. 

One Piece: Oda Names Nami and Zoro's Devil Fruits!

With the devil fruit, the effect of Nami's strength will certainly increase. 

In contrast to the rest of the crew, how the devil fruit for Sanji and Zoro is considered not to fit their personalities is quite interesting.

A possible reason why the devil fruits for Sanji and Zoro don't match their personalities has to do with the strength levels of the two. 

Both Sanji and Zoro are already known to have a very powerful level of power. 

They are the two best fighters besides Luffy in the Straw Hats and throughout the series.

Based on this, maybe Oda thought that the two of them no longer needed too much additional strength. 

In fact, if you pay attention, Oda says that the Uo Uo devil fruit was not given to Zoro but to his sword. Oda reasoned that it would be cool when a sword could turn into a dragon.

Maybe this is also the reason why Oda didn't give Jinbe the devil fruit ability. 

One Piece: Oda Names Nami and Zoro's Devil Fruits!

Jinbe has proven to be a fighter full of fighting experience, and not to forget that his most effective fighting style has to do with water. 

Jinbe's abilities will increase even more if he fights in the water.

The devil fruit will prevent Jinbe from being able to fight in the water, because as is known that the weakness of devil fruit users is that their swimming ability in the sea will disappear. 

However, although the answer from Oda Sensei regarding the devil fruit for the Straw Hat crew is very interesting, it is unlikely that this will happen.

Oda usually likes to bring out the power-ups of a character with their personal power-ups or their past stories. 

For example, the increase in strength of Nico Robin's figure has something to do with being with the Revolutionary Army for two years when the time-skip occurred.

Because of this, the character's sudden increase in strength - especially the increase in the power of the devil fruit - would be considered inappropriate compared to other members of the Straw Hats or other characters who had previously experienced a painstaking increase in strength.

Even so, this certainly does not reduce the level of fun in playing with imagination if later crews such as Zoro, Nami, and Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hat crew get the power of a devil fruit. 

What do you think, do you agree that the rest of the Straw Hat crew get devil fruit powers?

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