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One Piece: Grim Reaper Zoro Faced Revealed?

One Piece: Grim Reaper Zoro Faced Revealed?

Roronoa Zoro's fate is on the brink as shown in one of the chapters in the One Piece series yesterday. 

This is because of the effects that arise from Zoro taking the concoction of the Minks doctor, Miyagi. 

When Zoro was injured and unable to move due to his fight against Kaido, Zoro asked Miyagi to give him a medicine that could make him recover quickly.

Even though at first Miyagi was hesitant to give it to Zoro, given the side effects it produced, Zoro persisted. 

Finally, Zoro also took the drug and indeed he immediately recovered even though for a certain period of time. 

Zoro immediately took advantage of the opportunity to fight against King.

One Piece: Grim Reaper Zoro Faced Revealed?

The battle that took place was very fierce, but in the end Zoro managed to win the fight. 

Then, in chapter 1038 yesterday, something terrible happened. 

When Zoro woke up he saw a terrible figure carrying a scythe trying to kill his life. 

However, it is still unknown who this figure is. 

On the other hand, Zoro was completely unable to move to avoid his attacks.

Many theories have tried to discuss this figure, one of which is that the figure is an angel of death as depicted in many fictional stories. 

One Piece: Grim Reaper Zoro Faced Revealed?

However, there is also a theory that says that it is the angel of death who is the personification or embodiment of Enma's figure, who wants to test Zoro's worthiness.

There is also an assumption that the grim reaper is not the embodiment of Enma, but Sandai Kitetsu. 

According to his assumption, the moment where Zoro met the "angel of death" was the moment for Zoro to turn his sword into a black blade.

Roronoa Zoro is known to have three swords and each one Zoro possesses will turn into a black sword as he grows into a much stronger figure. 

One by one the swords will turn black, and for now Sandai Kitetsu's sword will turn into a black sword. 

This is because Sandai Kitetsu is indeed his sword, not an inheritance or gift.

Sandai Kitetsu is a legendary sword that is said to be a cursed sword, which can bring death to anyone who has it. 

And based on what is shown in the story, Zoro seems to be the first - and only - person who managed to subdue or control the sword.

As we know, Enma was successfully controlled or overpowered by Kozuki Oden. 

While Wado Ichimonji was successfully controlled by Kuina. 

Based on this, Sandai Kitetsu was successfully controlled by Zoro. 

Sandai Kitetsu will be Zoro's first sword to turn black, though he himself doesn't know how to do it.

Also, Sandai Kitetsu is the only sword belonging to Zoro that does have a connection with death itself. 

One Piece: Grim Reaper Zoro Faced Revealed?

Enma is the king of hell and not an angel of death or an angel of death. 

So, if Enma then has the embodiment of a demon or an Oni, then Sandai Kitetsu has an embodiment like an angel of death. 

Perhaps, all owners of Sandai Kitetsu will definitely see the figure of the grim reaper.

It could be, most of them are not able to survive the "test" carried out by the sword. 

However, it is different with Zoro who finally managed to survive and control or master the sword. 

And after Zoro's moment passed the test given by the sword, Sandai Kitetsu will finally turn into a black sword.

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