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Boruto: This is the Origin of 3 Doujutsu Names!

Boruto: This is the Origin of 3 Doujutsu Names!

The Naruto series is one of the most popular series in the world with the theme of the world of shinobi or ninja. 

The ninja or shinobi are able to use various extraordinary techniques which are then called Ninjutsu. 

The power of Ninjutsu is a ninja technique that is widely used by shinobi. 

One of the popular Ninjutsu is Doujutsu or Eye Kick.

You may already be familiar with Doujutsu in the series. 

We know the three strongest Doujutsu that appear in the series, namely Byakuga, Sharingan, and Rinnegan. 

Although these three Doujutsu can be said to be very popular, maybe among all you there are those who still don't know the origin of the Doujutsu name.


Boruto: This is the Origin of 3 Doujutsu Names!

Sharingan is one of the most popular Doujutsu in the Naruto franchise. 

The doujutsu possessed by the Uchiha clan is extraordinary. 

Sharingan itself means Mirror Wheel Eye or copy eye. 

The word "Gan" in the Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan can be interpreted as an eye. 

This can be seen from the shape of the kanji letters.

The word Sharin in the Sharingan is written with two kanji letters, namely and . 

And the interesting fact is that actually in Japanese the word doesn't exist. 

There is no word “Sharin” in everyday Japanese vocabulary. 

The word seems to have been deliberately coined by Masashi Kishimoto just for the Naruto series.

The kanji (sha) is taken from the Shashin word “写真” which means photography or photograph. 

In addition, the kanji is also widely used in things related to images such as projecting something (utsutsu). 

And the word (sha) itself also means imitating something and keeping it in another place. 

While the kanji is part of several words such as “finger ring” or ring or yubiwa , as well as necklace or collar, which is commonly referred to as kubiwa.

The kanji (wa) itself means ring, wheel, or spin. In essence, this kanji is used for objects that do have a ring or round shape. 

And in the story, the shape of the Sharingan is similar to a ring.


Boruto: This is the Origin of 3 Doujutsu Names!

The Byakugan is another Doujutsu that is no less popular than the Sharingan in the Naruto franchise. 

If the Sharingan is an eye technique passed down in the Uchiha family, the Doujutsu Byakugan is inherited in the Hyuuga family. 

Byakugan itself means White Eyes or white eyes, and this can indeed be seen from the corneas of the Hyuuga clan members' eyes.

The Byakugan is written with the kanji . 

What's interesting is that the word "byaku" can also mean 1,000. 

This is because the kanji (hyaku) which means a thousand, will change when experiencing (laceku). 

In Japanese, Rendaku is a change in the sound of the initial consonant in a word. 

For example, the word (ka, sa, ta, ha) can change to (ga, za, ba, ta).

Even so, Masashi Kishimoto himself has stated in his story that the Byakugan is written with the kanji which means white eye, not which means 1,000 eyes. 

Apart from this, some fans themselves believe that the true meaning of the word Byakugan is white eyes that can see like a thousand eyes. 

This is due to the Byakugan's ability to see nearly 360 degrees.


Boruto: This is the Origin of 3 Doujutsu Names!

Lastly is the Rinnegan, Doujutsu which is believed to be the most powerful throughout the series. 

Not everyone can awaken the Rinnegan, because it requires special conditions that not everyone is able to do. 

The Rinnegan itself is written with the kanji. 

Rinne or is a word meaning “the endless cycle of life and death.”

The word is actually a term that appears in Buddhist belief, which is commonly referred to as “Samsara”.

Because there is the word "cycle," so the Rinnegan is written with the kanji which means ring - as mentioned in the Sharingan point above. 

Or it can also be interpreted as something that happens repeatedly (loop). 

And in the story, the Rinnegan is indeed a powerful force that can even control the death or life of a person.

The Rinnegan, Sharingan, and Byakugan are the three most important Doujutsu in the Naruto franchise.

However, indeed over time and the story, Masashi Kishimoto began to introduce more Doujutsu. 

How then Kishimoto coined various terms for this Doujutsu must be admitted is very extraordinary.

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