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One Piece: 3 of Sanji's Most Memorable Dishes!

One Piece: 3 of Sanji's Most Memorable Dishes!

Sanji Vinsmoke is one of the greatest chefs in the ocean of One Piece. 

The former chef and waitress at the floating restaurant Barattie is part of the Straw Hat pirate crew. 

Even though he has joined Luffy's crew, the main role in the crew has not changed, namely providing delicious food for the crew.

Sanji's reputation as a great cook has even earned him a spin-off miniseries of his own, Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Sanji. 

Although Sanji has served many delicious and appetizing foods, there are some dishes from Sanji that are arguably the most memorable throughout the One Piece series. 

Seafood Risotto For Gin

One Piece: 3 of Sanji's Most Memorable Dishes!

In the Baratie arc which became the introduction arc for Sanji's figure, he was shown as a waiter at the Baratie restaurant. 

Gin, a member of the Krieg pirates, managed to escape after he was held captive and deprived of food for days. 

Gin had asked for food from the floating restaurant, but the chefs there did not want to serve Gin's request.

Seeing someone starving, Sanji then served Gin a plate of seafood risotto. 

Gin was happy to accept the food, he even ate it all up to nothing. Gin left after eating. 

Two days later, Gin returns with the captain and their wrecked ship.

They ask Baratie to cook a delicious meal. However, again the chefs there refused the request.

As someone who can't see someone starving, Sanji finally complied with Don Krieg's request. 

After finishing the meal that was served to him, Krieg asked Sanji to cook a meal for his entire crew. 

When the other chefs refused to do it and asked Sanji not to serve food anymore, Zeff finally did what Sanji did. 

The kind attitude that Sanji did to feed hungry people, gave a good and positive impression or impression both for Luffy and for the fans.

Bento/Supplies For Luffy

One Piece: 3 of Sanji's Most Memorable Dishes!

Sanji decides to leave the Straw Hat crew to save his comrades from Big Mom's wrath, as shown in the Whole Cake Island arc. 

However, Luffy did not accept Sanji's departure and decided to follow him to Whole Cake Island. 

When Luffy and Sanji met, Sanji refused to come back and he even beat Luffy up.

Even though Sanji had attacked Luffy, Luffy himself was sure that he didn't really want to do that. 

He even made a protest, in which he would not eat anything other than the food made or cooked by Sanji. 

When Sanji was preparing lunches/bentos for Pudding, Sanji unconsciously cooked the Straw Hat crew's favorite food.

That moment was also the point where Sanji finally realized his mistake. 

Sanji finally decided to give the supplies to Luffy. 

Even though the food had fallen and was dirty, and in an unfit state, Luffy still happily ate all the food made by Sanji.

Big Mom Cake

One Piece: 3 of Sanji's Most Memorable Dishes!

This is the biggest achievement that Sanji has made during his time as a cook. 

While everyone was waiting for the wedding between Sanji and Pudding that would unite Germa 66 and the Big Mom pirate group, Big Mom herself couldn't wait to eat her wedding cake. Unfortunately, Luffy destroyed the wedding cake. 

Not to mention Brook destroyed the photo of Mother Carmel.

As a result of all that makes Big Mom a nightmare for all. To prevent Big Mom from running amok, Chiffon and Pudding then look for Sanji to help them remake the wedding cake that Luffy destroyed. 

Sanji then disguised himself and began to prepare the cake along with Chiffon and Pudding along with other cake masters from Whole Cake Island.

What's amazing is that while the previous wedding cake was prepared in a matter of days, this wedding cake was made in just a matter of hours. 

They finished before Big Mom destroyed the Thousand Sunny. 

The wedding cake proved successful not only to stop Big Mom, but also to knock her unconscious. 

This gave the Straw Hat Pirates a chance to leave.

Sanji's cooking skills are undoubtedly one of the best in the One Piece series. 

From crumbling bento to massive and sweet wedding cakes, it's these foods that make a big impact on the story and there's also a lot of emotion in it.

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