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Attack On Titan: Why Did Ymir Help Eren?

Attack On Titan: Why Did Ymir Help Eren?

The latest episode of the Attack on Titan anime series finally shows how Eren's biggest dream has finally come true. 

The dream of annihilating all of humanity outside the walls of Paradis Island through the Rumbling event finally came true after Eren managed to activate the full power of the Founding Titan. 

Eren activates the entire Titan Wall on Paradis island to level humanity.

As shown in the previous episode when Zeke and Eren went on a “time travel” to the past, fans were surprised by the fact that emerged from that moment. 

So far, we know that Grisha Yeager is a person who is very ambitious to restore the glory of the Eldian nation by forming an Eldian Restorationist.

He is even willing to use his son, Zeke, as a tool to make his wish come true. 

However, in the events shown in the previous episode, we find out that Eren has influenced Grisha through memories or memories in his brain. 

This is because Grisha is the heir to the Attack Titan, and as the heir to the power of the Attack Titan Grisha is able to communicate and see the memories of the owner of the Attack Titan who will come.

Zeke was surprised to see this fact, where it turned out that all this time Eren was the mastermind behind the various events. 

Even so, Eren couldn't do much because he still couldn't order Ymir who was in the Path dimension to lend him his power. 

Attack On Titan: Why Did Ymir Help Eren?

Ymir prefers to listen to Zeke's words because he has royal blood.

Zeke ordered Ymir to make the entire Eldian nation no longer able to have children. 

Seeing this, Eren realized that all his plans could fail. After successfully breaking free from the chains that bound him – and having to lose his thumb – Eren managed to stop Ymir.

After a long conversation, and Ymir no longer heard Zeke's words, Ymir finally agreed to lend his power to Eren. 

This is marked by the presence of a creature in the form of a human spine that fuses with Eren's head. 

In addition, the entire Wall Titan was finally successfully activated, which was a sign that the Rumbling event had begun.

Why Did Ymir Lend His Strength?

Attack On Titan: Why Did Ymir Help Eren?

As mentioned above, Ymir was initially unwilling to obey or listen to Eren's words to lend his power. 

According to Zeke's explanation, even though 2,000 years have passed, Ymir still feels like a slave who must serve the leader of the Eldian kingdom, the king of Fritz. 

And Zeke, who was his descendant, was considered his master.

However, what then made Ymir finally want to give his power to Eren? 

This could be because of the attitude shown by Eren to Ymir. Eren is the only character shown wanting to hug Ymir. 

Second, Erena treats Ymir not like a slave.

As Eren mentioned in his conversation, Ymir is not a slave. 

She was also not a goddess that should be worshiped because of the immense power she possessed. 

Ymir was just an ordinary human. 

He is free to have his own choices, so he doesn't have to think about other people's opinions.

In other words, Eren was the one who understood Ymir the most. 

He understands Ymir's suffering, because Eren reasoned that he and Ymir had both experienced bad events in his life. 

The broken tears shown by Ymir after what Eren said gave a hint that Ymir was experiencing turmoil within him.

On the other hand, it is proof of how happy Ymir is because there is someone who considers him a human and not a tool of war. 

Ymir himself might actually want to destroy those who had looked down on him or who had viewed him as nothing more than a tool or slave.

Attack On Titan: Why Did Ymir Help Eren?

However, with his attitude and mentality, Ymir was unable to do that.

Eren understood this, that's why at the end of his moment, Eren asked Ymir to lend his power. 

Using the full power of the Founding Titan, Eren will be able to destroy the entire world they both hate. 

Eren is also aware of how much it must have suffered for Ymir to wait 2,000 years to free him.

Because Ymir was unable to do such a terrible thing, he "asked for help" from the person who would later help him, who was none other than Eren Yeager. 

So, the conclusion is Ymir and Eren both hate the world that has made them have to live a miserable life. 

They both want the world to be destroyed.

Unfortunately, Ymir couldn't do it so he needed someone else's help. 

And Eren is the person Ymir has been waiting for for 2,000 years. 

This is because Ymir knows that only Eren can make his wish come true.

Eren himself understood what Ymir wanted, which they both wanted. 

And finally Ymir was willing to lend his power to start the Rumbling event. 

Will anyone be able to stop Eren? 

How was the event stopped? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next episode!

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