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Attack on Titan: 5 Curses of the Titan Shifters!

Attack on Titan: 5 Curses of the Titan Shifters!

In 2013, the Attack on Titan anime series premiered in Japan. 

And it didn't take long for this series to become a global phenomenon, where anime fans outside of Japan also know this series thanks to its amazing animation and dark storyline that is different from other shonen genre anime series.

The Attack On Titan series is set in a world where humans live in fear of giant human monsters known as Titans. 

However, interestingly, it turns out that there are humans who have the ability to become Titans which they are called Titan Shifters. 

On the one hand, this is an advantage because they can take advantage of their strengths. 

On the other hand, there was a terrible thing they had to feel. 

1. Only Have 13 Years of Life

Attack on Titan: 5 Curses of the Titan Shifters!

Each Titan Shifter will certainly experience a very powerful increase in strength when they inherit one of the nine types of Titan that exist. 

This can be seen from Marley's side using their titan Shifters to conquer other territories. 

However, the owner of the Titan power did not have long in his life.

Once they inherit or possess Titan's powers, they only have 13 years of life remaining. 

Ymir Fritz was the first person to have the power of Titan, which is what later earned him the title of the Founder. Ymir died 13 years after he got his powers. 

Since no Titan can surpass the Founder, no Titan Shifter can outlast Ymir. 

This was later referred to as the "Curse of Ymir" or "Cursed of Ymir."

2. Defeatable

Attack on Titan: 5 Curses of the Titan Shifters!

Even though Titans are huge monsters that can defeat or kill humans with ease, that doesn't mean they are impossible to beat. 

The Survey Corps have often saved humanity from Titan attacks, even though they have lost many victims on their own. 

Capturing the Female Titan was one of the achievements of the Survey Corps.

They also managed to take the power of the Colossal Titan in the battle to retake Shiganshina. 

In that battle we also saw how the Armored Titan was defeated, even though Reiner Braun, the owner of the Armored Titan, managed to escape. 

Zeke is defeated by Levi and is almost captured before the Cart Titan appears to help him.

3. Can't Use Full Power

Attack on Titan: 5 Curses of the Titan Shifters!

Each of the nine types of Titan that exists has been passed down to various people for more than 2,000 years. 

Of the many people or possessors of Titan powers, only a few of them are able to use or gain access to the full power of their Titans. 

This is because only those of noble descent are able to access this power.

One of the strengths of the Founding Titan is being able to make the residents of Eldian to turn into Pure Titans. 

The owner of this power can also control the Titans around the world. 

This can only be done by descendants of the Reiss and Fritz families. 

Zeke has royal blood, that's why he can control other Titans even though he only has the power of a Beast Titan. 

Eren himself was finally able to control all the Titans after Ymir lent his power.

4. Used as a weapon

Attack on Titan: 5 Curses of the Titan Shifters!

With such tremendous power, it is not surprising that the Titan Shifters often become weapons and political tools for a country, especially Marley and Eldian. 

This has even happened 2,000 years ago, when Ymir Fritz first got the power of Titan. 

King Karl Fritz ordered Ymir to destroy the other troops, so that Eldian's territory was wide.

The Marleys did the same after they mastered many Titan Shifters. 

The Titan Shifters are often used in various battles, as shown at the beginning of the fourth season where the Titan Shifters are used to face the forces of the Middle East alliance. 

This is of course a very scary thing, because finally there is a stigma that anyone who has the power of a Titan can rule the world.

5. Their Destiny Is To Be Eaten

Attack on Titan: 5 Curses of the Titan Shifters!

Being the heir to one of Titan's powers makes them entitled to be dubbed the bravest characters. 

This makes sense, because in addition to knowing what kind of power they will get, they also know what kind of death they will die. 

The Titan Shifters got their powers after they ate their previous owner.

This is the only way to inherit this power. This is after what happened to Ymir Fritz 2,000 years ago. 

After he died, king Fritz asked his children – Rose, Maria, and Sheena – to eat their own mother's flesh.

And of course being eaten by a Titan or someone else is not a pleasant experience.

Becoming a Titan Shifter is something that cannot be done haphazardly. 

There needs to be careful and lengthy consideration, because as can be seen above, there are many terrible things that they must be prepared to accept. 

For some, being a Titan Shifter is indeed an honor. However, for others, being a Titan Shifter is a curse.

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