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Tokyo Revengers: The Reason Kokonoi Saved Takemichi

Tokyo Revengers: The Reason Kokonoi Saved Takemichi

After the big fight in Tokyo involving three big gangs namely Brahman, Kantou Manji, and Rokuhara Tandai in the Tokyo Revengers series, the tension of the story began to decrease slightly. 

And in the previous chapter we saw how Takemichi was seriously injured after Mikey beat him up, until Takemichi was unconscious. 

And after a few days of treatment, Takemichi finally came to his senses.

What was interesting was that when Takemichi came to his senses, the first person he saw was Kokonoi Hajime. 

Kokonoi also told a little about what happened that night. 

According to Kokonoi, it was Kawaragi Senju who had helped Takemichi where he was kneeling begging Mikey not to beat Takemichi again. 

Senju is even willing to disband Brahman to help Takemichi.

After some time, Takemichi recovered. 

He begins to gather people who are willing to help him save Mikey. 

Starting from Chifuyu to Inupi, Takemichi has approximately four people who have joined his new group, Thousand Winters. 

However, there is an interesting thing when Takemichi visits Inupi.

There is a flashback moment after the battle took place. 

At that time, Inupi was not at the scene and instead was in Draken's workshop. 

Suddenly he was surprised by the figure of Kokonoi who carried Takemichi in an unconscious state. 

Tokyo Revengers: The Reason Kokonoi Saved Takemichi
Tokyo Revengers: The Reason Kokonoi Saved Takemichi

Even though Koko and Takemichi respected each other, the moment was a little confusing.

How then Kokonoi - who is the enemy and is on Mikey's side - actually becomes the one who takes Takemichi to a safe place, namely Draken's workshop. 

In fact, at that time, there were many members of the Brahman gang who were not injured and could still take Takemichi to the hospital to save his life.

There is a speculation that Koko was "cleaning up" all the mess that Mikey made. 

Given that Mikey had killed Terano South that night, Koko probably thought that she didn't want to risk losing Takemichi to Mikey's hands. 

So Koko saves Takemichi by taking him away.

Actually, Koko's pity and surprise were already seen when she saw Mikey beat Takemichi to the punch. Koko seemed not to believe what she saw. 

Koko had tried to stop Mikey by resuscitating him, but unfortunately to no avail. 

Mikey didn't hear any warning from Kokonoi and continued to beat Takemichi. 

Not only Koko, Senju and others' words were not heard at all.

Based on that, it seemed reasonable that Koko would then try to save Takemichi, especially after she saw with her own eyes what had happened. 

The next question is why did Koko bring Takemichi to Inupi? In yesterday's chapter 237, Koko didn't immediately take Takemichi to the hospital.

Tokyo Revengers: The Reason Kokonoi Saved TakemichiKoko actually went to meet Inupi first at Draken's workshop, then they took Takemichi to the hospital.

The most logical speculation is that at that time Koko did not have a vehicle to take Takemichi to the hospital. 

And since the location of the Tokyo Revengers series isn't exactly known, it's possible that Draken's workshop is closer to the battle site than the hospital.

Another possibility is that as mentioned above, Koko is part of an enemy gang, even though Takemichi as well as Inupi know Koko. 

So it might be much more fitting if Inupi brought Takemichi to the hospital. 

We also don't know if Koko taking Takemichi to Inupi is something Mikey knows or not.

Even so, Koko still visits Takemichi at the hospital. 

The riddle of why Kokonoi actually saved Takemichi is indeed very interesting to discuss. 

The fans also came up with their various theories and speculations. 

Apart from that, we see how Takemichi is surrounded by people who care and are ready to help him.

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